Best Linux File Manager 2017

Best File Managers for Linux: File management is one the most important task. It requires a lot of time and efforts to manage files in an organized manner. Managing and locating files, determining the disk space consumed by different files and folders on your system, moving and deleting files or simply opening them for use are some of the most common tasks performed by every computer user. This complex task can further be simplified with the help of file managers. Here are some of the best file managers for Linux users.

Dolphin File Manager

Dolphin File ManagerDolphin is a completely free of cost lightweight file manager that you can easily find as a default application in most of the KDE applications package. It is designed to provide flexibility, ease of use and full customization options to the users. It enables the users to browse, find, open, cut, copy, paste or move files around a Linux system with great ease.

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Konqueror File Manager

Konqueror File ManagerIt is powerful yet easy to use file manager. Konqueror features easy file management functionalities like moving, searching, copying and deleting files from your desktop. In addition, you can also get access to the FTP, archives, browse, and rip audio CDs, SFTP servers and much more.

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Krusader File ManagerThis incredible file manager is inspired by Midnight Commander and features a similar two- pane interface. However, it uses text- base instead of the graphical base. It comes with many great features so as to increase the functionality of Krusader as a file manager. It offers support for different types of archives, tabbed browsing, comparing files, uploading to FTP servers, synchronizing files and a lot more.

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Nautilus File ManagerYou might find Nautilus as a default file manager in most of the GNOME environment. It simple yet effective interface makes it a great tool, to begin with. It allows you to open files or folders in new tabs, connect to FTP and SSH servers, choose from various views, attach notes to your files and folders etc.

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PCManFM File Manager

PCManFM File ManagerIf you don’t find Nautilus and Konqueror handy then PCManFM File Manger is an idea replacement for you. It is decent feature rich file manager for many desktops. It offers complete support for GVFS that allows you to access files remotely. It comes with four different viewing modes namely compact, icon, detail and thumbnail. It also offers drag and drop support, tabbed browsing, bookmarking files and much more.

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