Best Linux Email Client 2017

[Best Email Clients for Linux] Email is one of the most important ways to share information. Communication through email remains as a secure and quick way to send and receive messages by use of information management utilities. However, with the change of information technology, ways to access email has changed over the years. Desktop email clients are not only convenient to use but also provide necessary email security. Let us find out the best Linux email clients for 2017.


ThunderbirdSince many years, Mozilla thunderbird is a preferred open source email client for various Linux flavors. Mozilla’s thunderbird email client has been a great success for major platforms and has been around for more than a decade. It has become quite popular in terms of usage with over a millions downloads within its initial month of release. Thunderbird offers various supported plugins, specialized features, supports IMAP and POP, spam filtering and lets you integrate with all Linux flavors.

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Claws Mail

Claws MailIf you are looking for flexible and fast alternative email client with a range of appealing features then Claws mail is one of the best performance email clients which consumes minimal system resources. It is a perfect option if you have limited memory and require fast processing. Claws mail offers all the features for normal usage of thunderbird except unavailability of certain plugins offered by thunderbird. However, it edges over another email client in terms of reliability and fast processing. In addition to that, it also sports simple graphical user interface.

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EvolutionEvolution has been a popular email client in most of Linux distributions such as Debian and Fedora. Developed by Ximian, Evolution was designed to provide enterprise specific email application. It also supports a range of advanced features such as account management, organize mails, email encryption, send invitations, message forwarding, spam filtering, spell check and auto-completion of email.

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KMailIt supports different email protocols such as POP3, IMAP, diMAP, IMAP IDLE etc. It also supports plain text and secure logins.  KMail has certain modern features not available in other email clients. It lets the user do spell check, encrypt messages, backup support, integrate with other KMail components, spam checkers, search and filter capabilities and read or write HTML emails.

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GearyIt is a simple email client with GNOME 3 modern interface. If you are looking for a basic functionality based simple and efficient client then Geary is a perfect choice for you. It supports all key email service providers such as Yahoo mail, Gmail etc., account setup, mail organizing, fast keyword search, desktop notifications and HTML mail composer.

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