Best Linux Desktop Environments 2017

The one thing that attracts most of the PC users in this world towards Linux is its Desktop Environment. Unlike MAC OS X and Windows, the desktop environment offered in Linux is customizable to a great extent. This has enabled the users to choose from a big lot of options and helps them choose a suitable desktop environment to work with. Let us have a look at the best desktop environment that can work on Linux.

KDE Plasma 5

KDE Plasma 5KDE Plasma 5 is a renowned and highly customizable desktop environment which offers a great amount of control to its Linux Desktop users. This is a new version of the KDE desktop environment series and has great improvements as compared to its ancestors. It has a clear user interface which makes it all the more simple to use. It has modernized launchers, a converged shell and a new improved support for High DPI displays.

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Cinnamon Desktop

Cinnamon DesktopCinnamon Desktop is a fork of the GNOME Desktop Environment. It also serves as the default desktop environment on Linux Mint coupled with MATE. There are some minor amalgamations which are integrated with the Cinnamon Desktop Environment like the MDM display manager, Nemo File Manager, Muffin Window Manager, Cinnamon Sessions Manager and Blueberry which serves as a Bluetooth configuration tool and the list goes on.

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Unity Desktop

Unity DesktopUnity is a kind of graphical desktop shell for the GNOME Desktop Environment. It was developed keeping in mind of providing Linux users with a consistent and elegant computing experience. Unity serves as an interface to existing GNOME apps and libraries with a bunch of technologies integrated with it such as Compiz windows manager, Nautilus file manager, Lens (to send search queries to Scope), Scope ( A powerful search engine for both on the system and online searches).

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Xfce Desktop

Xfce DesktopIf you are looking for a modern, open source, lightweight and easy to use desktop environment interface for Linux which are similar to the Apple Mac OS X and Solaris, then you must have a look at the Xfce Desktop Environment. It is a very fast and user-friendly Desktop Environment which surprisingly takes up very little of your valuable system resources. It has a good looking user interface which offers components like Thunar File Manager, Xfwm windows manager, Application manager, User Session Manager and many more plug-ins to serve its purpose well.

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