Best Linux CAD Software 2017

Best CAD(Computer-Aided Design) Software Tools for Linux 2017: CAD (Computer- aided design) is the process of design and design- documentation through the use of computer technology. However, if you are a Linux user then one question that might come to your mind is that if there is any free of cost CAD app available for your system.

The Top Linux CAD Software are

So, here we have shortlisted some of the best Linux CAD software that you can use for your Linux systems. Both free and paid CAD software have been listed below.


BricscadThis software is designed and developed by Bricsys which was originally built using the IntelliCAD engine. Bricscad is one among the very few commercial CAD packages that supports Linux-based environments. This CAD software comes with modern AutoCAD functionalities.

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QCadThis CAD software package features drafting and 2D designing. The professional version of QCad is a paid variant that contains many options that are only available for a limited time period on a free trial basis. QCad is also available in a community version that is licensed under the GPL. This version can be downloaded completely free of cost.

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FreeCADThis open source and free of cost 3D CAE/ CAD software package is based on OpenCascade, Python, and QT. It includes the key concepts such as workbenches, macro recording, capable of running as a server and dynamically loadable app extensions.  It is a cross- platform CAD software which is the best part about FreeCAD.

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VariCADThis program is specially developed for mechanical engineering designs and supports 2D/2D CAD. The package offers support for geometric constraints and parameters, sheet metal unbending, assembly support, calculations, crash tests, tools for shells, mechanical part, symbol libraries, pipelines, bills of material and much more. This is a paid proprietary app available for not just Linux but Windows as well.

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Open CASCADE Technology

Open CASCADE TechnologyOpen CASCADE technology is an incredible software development tool that supports 3D surface and robust modeling, data exchange, visualization and quick app development. Open CASCADE technology can be accessed by the users completely free of cost. This software is licensed under the Open CASCADE Technology Public License.

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CityEngineIt is a 3D modeling software package specialized in generating three-dimensional urban environments. It features a CAD/GIS data support, map- controlled city modeling, dynamic city layouts, industry- standard 3D formats, street network patterns and much more. This cross- platform CAD package is available in paid versions.

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