Best Linux Antivirus 2017

Best Antivirus for Linux 2017: Although Linux is one of the best-operating systems when it comes to security, but then one must use antivirus software for his computer in order to ensure proper security and safety of data. Malware and virus attack can hamper the functioning of your system to a great extent.

The Top Linux Antivirus are

Therefore, it is quite important to have antivirus software on your computers. So, here are some of the best Linux antivirus programs that offer complete security to your system.


ClamAVClamAV is an easy to install and intuitive antivirus tool for your Linux systems. Although there is no graphical user interface (GUI) present in it by default, but you can easily download the ClamTK GUI from the software center. This incredible antivirus program offers a database updater, command line scanner and virus definitions that are updated on a regular basis. This program is compatible with plenty of document types that vary from PDF files to archive files like Zip and RAR.

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SophosThis free of cost antivirus tool for Linux is a must have a tool on your systems. It features a powerful scanner for detecting Trojan, malware, and viruses without any miss. It has both real- time as well as on- demand scanning. Sophos is a lightweight antivirus program that offers high-end performance and relatively small updates as well. In order to get complete control, you have to create exclusions as with directories and file names.

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ChkrootkitIt is clearly evident from the name itself that Chkrootkit is a great tool for scanning rootkits. This free of cost, the open-source program works through a command line interface. It is quite lightweight and what is really good about it is the usability from a Live CD. Therefore, you can easily run Chkrootkit if you are having a rescue CD. Its recent release includes botnet and backdoor detection, Linus.Xor.DDoS malware scanning and malicious TinyNDS detection.

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F-PROTThis great antivirus software offers both enterprise and home support. This antivirus program is capable of scanning more than 21 million threats with the help of on- demand scanners and scheduled scans. This antivirus program is capable of detecting Trojans, viruses as well as boot sector viruses. F-PROT is an extraordinary combination of massive database, excellent scanning and the best part is that it is available for free. This powerful and lightweight antivirus program is a must have on your Linux system.

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