Best Journal Apps for iPhone 7 2017

iPhone 7 Journal Apps: Many people like to work with an old crumpled notepad, a worn moleskin with ink and graphite to fill their pages. People followed these ideas to record their dreams for over a century. All their personal desires, upcoming but uncompleted novels and our important memories – we just used to write it down on a piece of paper.

But what was the use? We couldn’t share that paper digitally. Now the Journal apps have allowed us to stream and share them over digital networks. Here are the best Journal Apps available for the iPhone:

Day One

Day One App for iPhone 7

Day One has one of the best app interfaces you will ever come across for a Journal App. Available for only $4.99 on the App Store, this app supports a number of tags, markdown options, photo uploads and much more. The iCloud Sync options allow you the ability to protect your documents with a password and export them into PDF files. You can also access the files on any device you want with the help of iCloud Sync.

Download Day One Journal Diary from here


Momento App for iPhone 7

The iPhone only Journal App intertwines with all your social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram and bring you all the latest updates from each one of them. This app provides you with regular updates from itself and other social accounts to help you get the complete snapshot of the day. All the post you write and the ones you get mentioned are automatically imported while you can also export your post via an iTunes files as well with the help of the app.

Download Momento from here

My Wonderful Days

My Wonderful Days App for iPhone 7

My Wonderful Days provides with the easiest and the best way to write down all the events that happened in your day in a chronological order combined with pictures and videos to support them. You can also select and add up to Two Stickers to your post each day to describe your mood throughout the day. The calendar option on the app also allows you to view your previous entries again and keep a check on the summary. This app is suitable for people looking to write short summaries rather than long essays.

Download My Wonderful Days Diary Journal from here


Askt App for iPhone 7

Askt works on a unique concept in such a way that this app helps you to know a lot more about yourself rather than penning down random thought on the app. Every day, the app will ask you a new and unique question about yourself. The app then tracks all these answers over the years and help you analyze the improvement in your emotional stability throughout the years of answering those questions.

Download Askt Journal Diary from here


Heyday App for iPhone 7

Heyday is more of a Photo Journal app rather than a Writing Journal App as it allows you to click snaps of your favorite moments throughout the day and create a brilliant media journal using those pictures and videos. The app also allows you to add your own thoughts to these pictures and also allows you to tag your friends on the Media Journal.

Download Heyday Photo Journal from here