Best Jira Alternatives 2017

Jira is a project management tool required in your business team planning and assists you in building great products. Using Jira you can capture and organize issues, assigning work and keep an eye on your team activities. Jira also has a mobile application using which you can you can manage your team activities from being anywhere. Let us look at some of the best available Jira alternatives:

Microsoft Project

This Jira alternatives comes as a desktop application and can be bought through a simple subscription to Office 365 and allows you to work from anywhere. The application has features like plan resources, team schedules management, using what-if scenarios and collaboration with the project stakeholders.

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This Jira alternatives, Podio, is from Citrix, using which you can organize your job activities, communicate with your project team members, and see to it that the job work is done. Using Podio you can speed up your communications with your project team members, gain transparency from your team mates, and derive accountability for your team efficiency.

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This is yet another Jira alternatives that assists your company in managing your project activities across all your teams, irrespective of the workflow pressure. Using Wrike, the company can enhance their communications, derive a better transparency and achieve accountability.

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This is a web based software using which you can simply communicate, and organize a proper project collaboration. The application is enabled with the support of multiple languages and so, no matter, where your project team mates are from, you can collaborate with them easily.

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This web and mobile project management app enables your project team members to easily track everything that is going on with several tools available. The app features tasks, projects, conversations and dashboards. You can utilize this tool to organize your meetings, launches, campaigns and time tracking.

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Teamwork Projects

This feature rich productivity and collaboration platform can be utilized to perform various features like tasks, task lists, time tracking, file uploads and even messages. This is the perfect tool for streamlining your day to day jobs.

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This application tool has a spreadsheet interface using which you can easily and simply go through all of your tasks and activities. The tool also features file sharing, Gantt charts, card view and work automation features which can increase your team productivity.

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This Jira alternatives is a project management tool that is free for unlimited users and projects. It is free for particularly those who are related to non-profits, teachers and students. Using this tool, you can add components such as tasks, milestones, discussions, time tracking and many more.

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This is a flexible project management solution that offers a visual and collaborative focus on your project activities. The tool even features digital post-it notes that can be used for redesigning a website, posting company updates regularly for management, to managing complex projects with several participants.

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This project management tools includes features such as budget management, bug tracking, collaboration, file sharing, Gantt Charts, idea management, issue management, milestone tracking, portfolio management, status tracking, task management and testing.