Best Java Web Framework 2017

Best Java Web Frameworks for Developers 2017: Java is one of the top programming languages which is the most popular amongst users these days. To make lives of software developers easy and comfortable, we have brought forth trendy frameworks to choose and work on. Each framework has a detailed description available, which will help users to make a wise decision and pick up the best framework appropriate to their requirement and usability.

The Top Java Web Frameworks are

Spring MVC

Spring MVCIt has been over a decade since the development of Spring MVC, but still, it has been known for its popularity and features. After its development, the framework has since then been evolving and adapting changes to turn into the most well-equipped and modern Java framework. The framework is just perfect for internet applications, application configuration or can also be used as an effective toolkit for software engineers.

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Struts 2

Struts 2This Java Framework is quite a kind of framework for engineers that are looking forward to working or build contemporary Java EE web apps. It is completely equipped to help users create enterprise ready, web facing applications and also is useful for optimizing development process. For users, who regularly deals with high loaded systems this framework is an ideal choice for them.

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HibernateWhile talking about the leading Java Framework, we cannot miss talking about Hibernate. The framework cracks object-relational impedance mismatch issues and thereby substitutes persisting DB accesses. In the creation of almost every enterprise application, Hibernate is used for its creation. The features of the framework suit the backend developers and tunes data access layers appropriately.

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JSFJava Server Faces is supported by Oracle. While it is not the best frameworks available in the market, but it facilitates easy Java development making it easy for users to utilize the framework and document it for further processing. JSF has no external dependencies; hence it can be used as and when required with all the capabilities possessed within it. Along with it, the inclusion of rich libraries and tools is a great add-on to the framework making users capable of dealing with the complex situation and come out of it gracefully.

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VaadinVaadin is one of the user popular frameworks which can be effectively used by modern developers for the creation of a modern application for business. Users while choosing this well-known framework can carry off the development well. Moreover, the tool also takes off the burden from developers thus helping them easy build up the application as per their expectation.

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