Best IP Lookup Software 2017 to Scan IP Addresses

Best list of IP Lookup/IP Scanner/IP Finder Software for 2017: Life has become easy in many ways when compared to that of the yesteryears. The modern technological advancements in almost every field have provided us many opportunities. Such uncontrollable levels of opportunities have also increased the risk of exposure in different ways. We have so much of information about ourselves saved in open spaces that anyone who is tech savvy can access the same. This poses a great risk for our very existence since character assassinations and other similar things have already taken many lives. Technology provides us with solutions to safeguard ourselves from such risks through IP Lookup Softwares. Let us have a look at the top 10 best IP Lookup Software 2017.

The top 10 IP Lookup Software are:

1. WhoisCLwhoiscl

WhoisCL is basically more of a command that must be executed from the Command Prompt option available on all computers. When the command is prompted, it searches for the domain name we type in and fetches every minute detail about the same within seconds.

Download WhoisCL

2. Mr Who

Mr Who is a complete IP Lookup application which searches for all types of domains with .net, .com and .in extensions. It uses its servers that are periodically updated to search for complete details of websites you want to know.

Download Mr Who

3. Whois

Whois is easy to use tool to find out all details about a particular domain or website. Just click the name of this tool along with the website id and you will have all details about the website in front of you within seconds.

Download Whois

4. WHOIS Utility

WHOIS Utility functions in the same manner that Whois tool functions. It needs to be run from the command prompt. Type the name of this tool along with the website ID in command prompt and you will get all details you will require about the website.

Download WHOIS Utility

5. Axence NetTools

Axence NetTools is an executable application that runs on your computer providing all the inputs you require about a particular website or domain you ask for.

Download Axence NetTools

6. NetToolSet

NetToolSet is a utility that needs to be installed on your computers. Just click on the ‘DomainWhoIs’ or ‘IPWhoIs’ options available in this utility. It will provide all details about domains and websites within seconds.

Download NetToolSet

7. WHOIS Tools

WHOIS Tools is a freeware application that can be installed on your computer. Use this freeware to know about the registration details, domain expiry details etc by keying in your query about specific websites and domain.

Download WHOIS Tools

8. BePing

BePing is freeware software for the computers using which complete domain details of websites and other networks can be understood.

Download BePing 

9. Bulk Whois Finder

Bulk Whois Finder is a different type of IP Lookup software which helps users to find the details about many domains and websites in a bulk manner.

Download Bulk Whois Finder

10. Pzwenger WhoIs

Pzwenger WhoIs application is a freeware that works from the command prompt. It searches for the specific domain names you type in and fetches complete information about the same with the help of WhoIs server.

Download Pzwenger WhoIS