Best Interoffice Messenger 2017

Top Interoffice Messenger 2017: Messaging in the personal domain is very popular and many Apps are easily and freely available for using and networking. However, for professional work, certain privacy and features are required which these personal Apps cannot provide. 2017 will come with a new list of Interoffice Messenger which will make life easier and communication sitting far away from convenient. Continuous communication between various office locations where certain confidential information might be shared among employees is essential.

Interoffice messenger allow to share/transfer files, chat, voice call and also video chat sometimes. The idea is to have a secure connection where employees can freely discuss work related things.



Developed by MangoApps, it is a freely available, internet-based, secure inter-office messaging service. It is available for all platforms (Windows, Android, Apple) and works on a real-time basis with delivery confirmation. It allows one-to-one and team to one chat, file sharing, easy installation, onboarding, desktop and mobile application.

Download Officechat

Outlook Messaging


This is the most trusted and widely used messaging service in large companies. It allows to check the online status of people and provides integration with the Microsoft Outlook email server. This helps in calling through the messaging windows to senders/recipients of emails and adding and administration of users is very easy.

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TSR LAN Messenger


Conversations are encrypted using AES private key/public key, helps in working with meeting requests, instant support, and contacts with co-workers. It does not run from a central server but the one where you are working from which makes it light to work on and less danger of shutdown. It is secure LAN messaging and requires no internet.

Download TSR LAN Messenger



This is a similar LAN based messenger with peer-to-peer mode and easy operation. It works with chat history and finds other Tonic users within the LAN. Different availability status of users available with image avatars, announcement modes, quick polls and results features. This feature is helpful in getting a quick decision on small things within a small office environment.

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This is a free and open source application for LAN chatting. It also operates in peer-to-peer mode and without any internet server. It allows group chat, no installation required, gives translations available in German, French, Arabic and Chinese. Also has spell check, buzz, emoticons, audio alerts, tray pop-ups, display messages, display pictures, chat commands, history, status and chat history.

Download Squiggle

As you can see there are various easy and free options as well as expensive and paid ones available which can create the perfect communication network for any type of organization and divide the barriers of distance and even language. Your requirement study can reveal which kind of interoffice messenger service will be most beneficial for you.