Best Installous Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Installous 2017: Installous was very popular IPA installer. It is free of cost and consist of a huge library of IPA files and provide the flawless supports to them. Although it’s a best third party cracked app downloader but it’s not pure error prone. As many of the times it shows invalid IPA or API errors and then you probably think of an alternative. Here we are listing some of the most famous installous alternatives to consider:


There are many of the users of AppCake who rise up since the AppCake app was released in the year 2008. Now, the demand for this app increases up to three times as compared to previous year. AppCake is the app that provides lots of irrational apps, many games, beautiful themes, new ringtone, 3-D wallpapers for the users.

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Kuaiyong does not come up with so many of apps but it consists of one very influential feature which other installous alternatives don’t comprise of. Kuaiyong permits you to install many of Cydia apps without any breakout. You can completely enjoy practically all the apps in Kuaiyong without breakout.

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VShare is one of the powerful apps which is developed by AppVV. It is a China-based app which comes with the control to make you install many Cydia twists and games without breakout. You can even directly use VShare Market for the apps without breakout. The customer interface of the VShare is close to Installous.

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Zeusmos is one of the best Installous alternatives that will provide you many of cracked apps, many tweaks, mods, new games and many others. It supports iOS 7.1.2, 8.4, iOS 9.3 and also iOS 10. You have to add its Cydia repo at to install Zeusmos.

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There are many of the cracked apps which are accessible on the server. IPAStore works as an enormous repo source for all types of cracked apps as these types of apps are presented from outward sources.

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IFunBox has been working up in the market for many years. With IFunBox, you are able to download your anticipated apps and also you can transfer it to your iOS devices with the help of USB cable. It will become one of the best Installous alternatives for many years.

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PandaApp is an amazing app that works on both the Android as well as iOS. Even more, than numbers of iPhone apps, newly uploaded games, ringtone, and collection of wallpaper are available in this App. You have to install this app in your phone to make good use of it.

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HipStore offers number of cracked apps. With the help of HipStore, you can just drag and also drop the files of IPA of your anticipated apps to the iOS device. It is the most powerful app and one of the best installous alternatives.

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AppAddict is not so popular application till now this app comprises of user practice. AppAddict has the capability that it can very effortlessly download the app of third-party like Movie box without even putting in large work. It comprises of many of the features which are useful as an alternative installous.

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If you are looking to download IPA directly to your Iphone storage than IPA search is for you. Its not that popular but work quite well to get desired result. You can search for all valid IPA files from the server. Consider this if you are looking for a short installous alternatives.