Best Image Viewers for MAC 2017

macOS sierra Image Viewers: Image Viewers are a piece of software that help us render the images on the screen of a PC. An image viewer comes bundled with the Mac OS X as well, but when it comes to a number of image editing and rendering options, it is limited. A large number of free and paid image viewers are available in the market. Every image viewer has its own features and functionality. Here we will list some of the best image viewers of the year 2017.



It is an image viewer for Mac that is well suited for opening a folder of images. The highlight of this image viewer is that you can view the images in the form of a comic book. There is no need to unzip, the zipped images in order to view them. Sequential opens the image automatically for you.

Download Sequential for Mac

ArcSoft Photo +


It can quickly browse thousands of photos on Mac. You don’t need to go to different folders in multiple directories, in order to browse them. Cropping, rotating, resizing and renaming the images becomes easy with ArcSoft Pro +. It supports images in RAW and GIF formats as well. It also supports the retina displays of the Mac OS X 10.9

Download ArcSoft Photo + for Mac

Xee for Mac


With the help of back and forward arrows, the navigation of images becomes easy with Xee. The information related to image like size, colour and zoom is displayed at the bottom of the application interface. Xee gives the user complete control over which format of photographs needs to be opened. It also provides some keyboard shortcuts to speed up the image opening on Mac.

Download Xee for Mac

Nikon ViewNX 2


This image viewer software has been published by the famous camera manufacturer, Nikon. The Nikon ViewNX2 comes loaded with a variety of image browsing and editing tools for Mac. With ViewNX 2, you can adjust the size and brightness of your still image. It is a dual purpose software that renders movies as well. It allows you to edit movies quickly. It helps to edit images that are clicked using the Digital-SLR camera as well.

Download Nikon ViewNX 2 for Mac

Mike’s ThumbNailer


As the name suggests, it is a special type of image viewer that helps in creating the thumbnails for the images on Mac. The user has to just click on the thumb and the picture would enlarge and show up on the entire screen. The extreme GUI is the speciality of ThumbNailer. You can sort the thumbs by date and name. It helps in creating the HTML thumbnails to render the images on the website without any code. It also helps in copying and deleting the images in batch, very quickly.

Download Mike’s ThumbNailer for Mac

Lyn for Mac


Lyn acts as a gallery for all the images on Mac, along with all the images from the connected devices as well. It also helps you to share and store images to the popular online platforms like Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook. It has the feature of cropping images and slideshow as well.

Download Lyn for Mac for Mac