Best iGoogle Alternatives 2017

A start page is a website that enables users to have websites, widgets in one easily accessible place. Start pages have links to news, weather, calendar and access to social media websites. Essentially, the start page is one tool to keep all your important content organized in one place, so that everything is right at your fingertips. iGoogle was one such tool which allowed users to create a personalized start page with essential content like news, photos and other important stuff. While no tool can replace iGoogle, we have listed a few great iGoogle Alternatives.

1. Startme


Startme is a fantastic tool and could very well be your iGoogle Alternatives. It can be installed on your chrome browser. Since it caches your content offline, it runs at a blazing speed. It has a great front page with a clean and simple interface. You can create a free account to create your personalized page. With startme, managing your RSS feeds, increasing your productivity becomes amazingly easy. The interface is beautifully designed, intuitive and customizable features.

2. igHome


If you cannot get over the discontinuation of iGoogle, then igHome is the best iGoogle Alternatives.  It has the same look and feel of iGoogle. You can connect to your Gmail account, YouTube or Google Drive account and much more. It is loaded with widgets and news which makes it quite slow. However, they can be removed, making it faster. A major drawback is lack of exporting options.

3. Netvibes


Netvibes offers customizable widgets, personalized web pages and much more in its unique dashboard solution. It can be organized into tabs as per the preferences of the users. Other than offering regular features like RSS feeds, weather forecast, it also includes Delicious, several email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and much more. You can add customizable widgets and program it for If-then features with its Potion app. However, all the extra features tend to wear it down a bit, making it slow. The start page has a minimalist appeal to it with a number of links at the bottom of the page which can also be hidden. Everything is stored in the cloud which makes synchronization fairly easy and you can also export your setting easily.

4. Symbaloo


Symbaloo is another contender in the iGoogle Alternatives list. Users can add their favorite content in a grid layout of buttons.  You can arrange your favorite sites in a blank space or access the popular sites organized in a bundle. You can also create a webmix of your large collections to keep it organized. A fast server supports the website loading it quickly.  There is a limit of 52 search engines, widgets and bookmarks.  Bookmarks can also be imported easily.

5. Protopage


Protopage has a variety of options to customize the start page with the easy re-arrangement of widgets. You can add a variety of search engines, sites. It can be used on chrome browser by its extension or used on smartphones and tablets. You can set up sticky notes, RSS feeds, collect bookmarks or create tabs to declutter your main page.

Few of the best iGoogle Alternatives are Startme, Netvibe and Protopage. Your start page can keep your internet experience amazing, so pick one that you like the best!