Best Iconosquare Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Iconosquare 2017: Iconosquare is a website that provides instagram users with metrics about their following for free. It is a free service that can be linked to your account and provides all kinds of useful metrics for monitoring the growth of the followers. It helps in publicity. Managing pictures on instagram can be tedious sometimes. This application can be linked to your computer and you can now easily comment, like and share pictures easily through your computer. It provides tools like an overview, rolling monthly analysis, engagements etc. Some of the alternatives are as follows:


This Iconosquare alternative software makes it easy for the users to respond to the fan and followers through multiple instagram account. It is a user-friendly software. It provides tools like audience growth, daily engagement, your top users etc. It stats for facebook, instagram, and twitter and creates reports.It may not be a choice for people looking for free launch. It is a good alternative for iconosquare.

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This Iconosquare alternative does not directly support instagram but you can add several applications to your instagram account through this application and it will manage it all. However, it has less scope than the previous one. You can only manage your instagram feed and comments on you instagram account. It comes with an affordable price. You can also add paid adds to your account. It is hard to capture comments on it and it is not too user-friendly.

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Simply Measured

It is an analytics platform. It is used to make reports and monitor your instagram account. The reports in this and much deeper than that of iconosquare. It is hard to navigate. Sometimes there may a problem of finding things. It has a paid account but it offers non-users a free report for instagram account whose followers are under 25,000

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One of the major issues with instagram is that it can have an obligation of posting through your mobile application only which may be a tedious task sometimes for people working in big organisations. It lets the user publish the pictures through a web. Now you can easily post your Instagram pictures without the “scheduling and then post” factor. It is solely a publishing application. It does not offer statistics, monitoring or managings tools.

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It has the same interface as that of iconosquare but has some problems linked to it. It analysis most liked and most commented post on your Instagram account. It is a free alternative which maintains data integrity. It tells the user that which time is the best to publish your Instagram pictures. It is an average software which can be used by the non-users.

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This Iconosquare alternative provides the option of drop downs to change the size of the instagram account. It is used to compare your instagram account with other accounts. It is not very actionable software but it is interesting. It is not very user-friendly.

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Union Metrics

This Iconosquare alternative is a good choice for beginners as it short and sweet. It is a straight forward software that offers reports and many other tools to manage your instagram account. It tells things like who are your top fans,  what is the best and worst post of the month. Overall it is a good choice.

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It is a free alternative that offers all the features of instagram. It offers features like web viewers, search options, statistics, popular photos etc. It does not go into much depth as iconosquare. It is very basic.

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Sumall is a comprehension analytics platform. It aggregates dozens of platforms, including most Social Networks, and Instagram. It offers a free version, but I have to admit that it is pretty limited. Definitely far from the kind of statistics you used to get for free from Iconosquare.

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This Iconosquare alternative is a user-friendly choice through which you can customise anything and everything. It provides features like sentiment analysis, broad channel coverage, monitoring, audience targeting. However, there are some glitches in the software.