10 Best Free Icon Design Software 2017

Ultimate List of Icon Design Software 2017: Icon making can be an interesting task for the computer user who wants stylish icon for the items. Sometimes icons help you to recognize the particular item very easily and it can be a way to create a classification into all items you are using in your computer.

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You can get inbuilt icon set from your operating system but if you want to create your own desirable icon then you can go through the following software “Best icon design software free 2017”. Let’s have a look.

The top ten Icon Design Software are:

IconCool Editor

IconCool Editor is a software which we use to create an icon and to edit them. This software helps you creating the icons you want and also you can reduce or increase the size of the icon. You are also able to draw an image to make the icon you want.

Download IconCool Editor

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SimplyIcon is another software to design icons, which comes with various features. You can easily create an icon in the software by drag an image in this and after getting the image it will simply create a very attractive icon.

Download SimplyIcon

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ImagiCon is smart software for designing and icon. You can design custom icons through the software but if you want to create an icon through your BMP, PNG format image then it helps you to design icon from that image too.

Download ImagiCon

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GM Icon maKER

Now design the best icon with GM Icon maKER. This software support basically 32×32 size of the icon. It provides a number of facilities to edit the icon, draw shapes and much more.

Download GM Icon maKER

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ZNsoft Icon

ZNsoft Icon is widely being used for designing the icons. It has a bunch of tools such as text, brush, and pencil etc. Free to use and simple.

Download ZNsoft Icon

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Free Icon Maker

If you are searching for very simple and very easy to use icon designer then this software is made for you. It comes with simple tools by which you can create an attractive icon.

Download Free Icon Maker

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Falco Icon Studio

Falco Icon Studio is a bit professional icon designer by which you can create an icon from your images. It supports various formats of images such as GIF, PNG, ANI and JPG formats of the image.

Download Falco Icon Studio

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Junior Icon Editor

Junior Icon Editor provides you a facility by which you can design the icon you want. You can make a different kind of icons with different sizes. You can also convert BNP to the icon. It is very lightweight icon Designing software.

Download Junior Icon Editor

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Maqme Icon

Maqme Icon is one of the best software to design an icon and it is completely free software. It supports 16 by 16 or 32 by 32 icon. It has a bunch of very attractive features by which you can give beautiful look to your icons.

Download Maqme Icon

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Efiresoft can design an icon for you and also it has some features by which you can convert your image into icon too. Just drag and drop the images into this software and use easy, commands button and make your icon in very easy steps.

Download Efiresoft

Create the desirable icon by images or any graphics you want. All the software are able to perform the icon designing task. Use them and enjoy.