Best Hirens Boot Cd Alternatives 2017

Hiren’s Boot CD, a totally free bootable disk, has all the tools that are essential to handle analyzing, fixing or recovering in case of booting problems. When there is no connectivity to the internet, the Hiren’s Boot CD comes in as handy in the situation. It can be used effectively to partition, back-up and to recover. Your computer can be repaired from hard-disk failures and virus attacks. You can also recover passwords and recover data. But if you are the one who doesn’t like Hiren’s boot functionality much then this post if for you. There are many  Hirens Boot CD alternatives that exist and work seamlessly well in recovering your data.  Lets check it out:




SystemRescueCd, a Linux system rescue disk, comes in CD-Rom or USB stick and helps in rescuing/ repairing a crashed system. The software that helps to edit and create partitions, comes with Linus software and basic system tools. It can be used on all Linux servers, Linux desktops or Windows boxes. SystemRescueCD requires no installation and the kernel supports network file systems as well.

Ultimate Boot CD


Ultimate Boot CD, a floppy-based diagnostic tools, is a great Hirens Boot Cd alternatives. Now-a-days, computer are made without floppy drives. This is because floppy drives are so outdated and they load very slowly. It is much easier to run diagnostic tools from CDROM drive. You can consolidate many diagnostic tools in one bootable Cd. This removes the hassle of searching through all your floppies saving you a lot of time. You can run the Ultimate Boot CD from a USB stick; there is a script on the CD that will prepare your USB memory stick for this feature.

Boot Repair Disk


Boot Repair Disk, is a boot repair tool that recovers access to your Operating System. The 2017 best  Hirens Boot Cd alternatives is an open-source and easy-to-use software. It has some great features like; you get a Boot-info summary in e-mail, it is safe as it has automatic back-ups and it can recover in case of “GRUB Recovery” error-message. It can recover access to Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse, ArchLinux and many more. It can repair MBR-locked OEM Computer boot if the original boot has been saved by Clean-Ubiquity. Also, there are options to re-install GRUB 2 bootloader.



Knoppix, a one of a kind Debian-based operating system, is designed to be run on CD/ DVD or USB key. When a program is started, it loads from the removable medium and is decompressed into the RAM drive. While Knoppix was initially designed to be used as a Live CD, it can also be used as a traditional operating system. Any system that supports booting from a USB device can load Knoppix from a live-USB flash drive/ memory card. There are two editions available; a traditional CD (700 MB) edition and a Maxi DVD (4.7 GB) edition. Both of these are available in two languages; English and German. Apart from the open-source version, the software is available in a proprietary version.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor provides a CD and floppy images for the users to easily recover their forgotten passwords.

Active@ Data Studio


Active@ Data Studio contains a set of desktop applications and bootable image that can boot any system onto a DOS/ Windows environment. It lets you to run the utilities from within Windows.

These are some of the best 2017 Hirens Boot CD alternatives that you can consider and fix all your booting issues.