Best Himalayan Salt Lamp 2017

A Himalayan salt lamp is not one of those lamps which is used only because it looks good when placed in a room. It is one of those very few items of daily use, which comes with a health benefit. The lamps made from Himalayan salts are known to release negative ions, which mix with positive ions in the air, and neutralize them. This makes the air cleaner and more pure, and has been known to be effective for those suffering from problems like asthma and other allergies. There are four types of salts available in the foothills of Himalayas, which are used for making these lamps. These are: Pink, White, Red, and Orange. The lighter the color the more will be the light emitted by these lamps.

How to Choose the Best Himalayan Lamp
Apart from the color of the lamp, another factor that matters is the size of the lamp. Himalayan salt lamps are available in four different sizes, the greater the size, the greater the prize. White salt lamps are the rarest, and orange salt lamps are the most common. The ones in pink salt are often fakes, especially if they have any kind of black dots. The red ones are the darkest, and emit the least amount of light. If you need one only for ionizing, which does not give too much light to disturb your peaceful night sleep, opt for the red one. If you want a one that lights up the room and ionizes it as well, you can opt for either of the remaining three colors.

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