Best Hiking Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Hiking Apps for iPhone 7: The new iPhone can be a very useful tool if you like to travel around the world and exploring new hiking places. Besides the standard apps on your iPhone, installing a few hiking apps can go a lot to help you on your adventure trips.

These apps are really useful if you are looking to find something to eat, find your way back or trying to call for help when in the problem. You can check out our list of best hiking apps for your iPhone:

AllTrails – Hiking & Biking App

AllTrails – Hiking & Biking  app for iPhone 7

Available for free on the iOS App Store, the AllTrails Hiking app helps you by covering over 50,000 hiking trail guides across the world. This app allows you the option to view the trail by topographic maps and photos. You can also save these trails for offline use if you want a travel guide for you on your travels. Also, you can upload even your trail pictures to the app using the phone’s GPS tracker.

Download AllTrails – Hiking & Biking App from here


MapMyHike app for iPhone 7

The MapMyFitness fitness app has a special app for every outdoor training & activities including one for hiking, MapMyHike. This app uses your iPhone’s sensors to track your hiking trail and log the whole route into the app. The free version of the app also allows you to view other nearby hiking location on your iPhone while the premium version unlocks a number of features including real-time location tracking and customized audio cues.

Download MapMyHike from here


Ramblr app for iPhone 7

Adventurous people who are always on the lookout for outdoor activities such as hiking and more and love to journal and document all the things regarding your trail should keep an eye out for Rumblr. This app allows the people to record their route, measure their running and walking statistics and record geotagged audio, video, and pictures. This is very useful if you want to relive your experience once again bit-by-bit. You can even keep an eye on other Rumblr user’s trips for future endeavors.

Download Rumblr from here


Yonder app for iPhone 7

Yonder is another hiking app which allows the iPhone users to share their hiking trail, pictures, and experiences with other app users across the globe. You can access the app’s database of over 200,000 hiking destinations around the world to select and plan your next trip. You can even follow your friend’s outdoor activities with the help of this app. This app provides you with an excellent opportunity to explore hiking nearby to your location.

Download Yonder from here

MotionX GPS

MotionX GPS app for iPhone 7

The MotionX GPS is designed as an app aimed to provide you with navigation and direction for your outdoor sports activities. You can download a number of different maps including road and terrain maps to plan for outdoor trips. The track recording and the waypoint function also helps you to define your own routes or you can also choose to follow a pre-determined path from the app. The app also allows you to store the maps for offline use.

Download MotionX GPS from here