Best GTK Themes 2017

Top GTK themes of this year: It might become a bit difficult to find a good looking theme that can beautify your desktop and make the apps look decent while using Linux. One wishes to have a theme that not just looks good but also features a good user interface, uncomplicated controls and readable text on the screen. So, here is a list some of the best GTK themes for your Linux desktop.

Arc GTK Theme

Arc GTK ThemeArc is one among the flat GTK themes that features little transparency effects in few parts of the app window similar to those with sidebar and header bar in Nautilus. This theme is available in three different variants that are light, dark and a darker one which gives you the option to choose whichever you like. It also offers support to systems based on GTK-2 and GTK-3.

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OS X EI Capitan

OS X EI CapitanIf you are a Linux user but love the feel and environment of Mac OS X then this is the best theme for you. The theme features a similar light theme environment just like Mac OS and you also get access to the trademark window buttons of OS X. This theme is compatible with all GTK 3 based desktops.

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AdaptaThis beautiful theme is highly inspired by the guidelines of material design themes. If you love material design themes then this is the ideal GTK theme for you. This elegant theme is compatible with all the modern versions of GTK+ and is definitely worth a try.

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GreybirdThe Xubuntu operating system has got greybird as its default theme. Although this theme gets delayed updates when compared with GTK 3.x’s update cycle, but the theme won’t disappoint you as the pretty choice of colors and incredible features will surely amaze you. The theme offers some of the great looking GTK widgets for your Linux desktops.

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AdwaitaThis is the default theme for GTK+ and a great theme for beginners. The theme gets regular updates and is generally released with all the new versions of GTK+ so it will work seamlessly on your systems. The theme come with perfect controls, however, it lacks compatibility with few window managers.

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PaperPaper is another great flat theme that features a unique and interesting design. This theme is basically inspired by the material design philosophy of Google that makes perfect use of flat design along with minimum shadows for depth. The theme is quite similar to Android M and L so if you want the same look on your desktop then Paper theme would be apt for you.

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