Best Grooveshark Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to Grooveshark 2017: Though the loyal followers of Grooveshark believe that there is no such alternative for Grooveshark, there are several other web based music streaming applications that lets its user have almost the same experience. Grooveshark allowed users to upload digital audio files that could be streamed and also organized into playlists. In the year 2015 Grooveshark permanently closed down all its operations. After 10 years of service finding true alternatives for Grooveshark is difficult but here are some of the options:

The Top Grooveshark Alternatives are


This berlin based global online audio distribution website enables its users to record, upload, promote and also share their authentic music. Monthly the website attracts almost 175 million listeners and a large amount of music is deposited every minute. With subscription services one can avail Soundcloud pro or Soundcloud go premium services to extend the amount of authenticated music to be deposited.

Soundcloud supports a wide variety of file formats.Collection of artists and songs are also incredible and include a several different genres. One can search for different new artists here and new artists can upload their work in this platform. Soundcloud seems to be the legal alternative to Grooveshark.


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This music streaming service allows its users to listen to music from different record labels such as EMI, Sony, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group etc. on different devices either online or offline. This Paris based highly successful music streaming platform is often touted as the true heir of Grooveshark.  It currently has almost 40 million licensed tracks, 16 million monthly active users and more than 5 million paid subscribers. It has a boasting library of over 30,000 radio channels. Though most of its elegant features lie in its elite version still Deezer is highly reckoned for bringing together recording artists with top labels. Available over a wide number of devices, Deezer’s key features include playlist creation, customization, handpicked music selection, offline syncing, recommendation, accompanying lyrics etc. among many others.


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This Swedish podcast, music and video streaming platform provides digital rights management- protected content and service from record labels and other music companies. Available almost everywhere now, Spotify allows its users to browse music by genre, artist, album or record label. Spotify has almost half a billion registered users, 30 million paid subscriptions and 100 million active users. One can search songs from its 40 million collections. Spotify free allows unlimited listening time. With subscription to Spotify premium, one can get ad free listening with several other features Instant music and listen in offline mode. It is still not available in India though.


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8 tracks is an innovative internet radio website that streams playlists curated by the users which consists of at least 8 tracks.  By creating free accounts, users can listen to curated playlists, browse through music or make their own playlist. The playlists can be personalized with cover arts, titles, tags or keywords so that it becomes easier for other users to discover new music.

No legal issues are associated with this label, making it a popular choice among music enthusiasts. It allows users to explore through a variety of songs and artists. However in the free version skipping 2 tracks are not permitted and also you cannot listen to the same playlist twice within 8 hours. Shared mix tapes, Music streaming, Easier music discovery according to search is its prime features.


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Pandora Internet Radio is a music streaming and also automated music recommendation service provider. The user rates a song by giving positive (thumbs up) or negative (thumbs down) review, based upon which next song recommendation pops. Pandora can be accessed through web browsers or by installing application software in mobiles. Browsing through the available tracks, users can create their own playlists, organizing them based on their genre, artist or occasion. Premium Pandora plan gives more features and ad less streaming. But its major drawback is that due to piracy issues, Pandora limits its service only to US, Australia and New Zealand. It also offers royalty to performers.