Best Google Voice Alternatives 2017

The concept of freebies is very enticing. As long as its free we do love to use it. Especially when its the concept of making free calls. However, the only thing we need is an internet connection and a voice calling application. Google Voice allows users to port their landline numbers to a google voice connection. There are many cool options available in Google voice like free US calling, cheap international calling, voicemail, call blocking, conference calling, personalized greetings, desktop texting, etc. It provides  a single number for all your phones and voicemail organized in email format. However, Google Voice doesn’t integrate well with other apps and the voicemail transcription is not up to the mark. And, if you are into smart watches, then Google voice is of no use as it doesn’t integrate with smart watches.

Here  is the list of some alternative services if you are looking for another option.


Skype is the best application for free voice and video calling and one of the oldest! It is available for both desktop and mobile phones. Calls can be made anywhere in the world as long as the other person has Skype.



Line2 can be a decent alternative to google voice as it offers nearly the same features. It is a cloud phone that allows users to call from a few taps on their smartphones. For a monthly plan of $9.95, you can avail facilities like unlimited texting,5000 outbound calls per month, call forwarding, conference calling, call screening and low cost international calls. For features like toll free numbers, auto attendant, texting and multiple lines you can subscribe to a monthly plan worth $14.95.



MightyCall is an efficient tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It offers a custom call menu, toll free numbers,auto attendant, personalized greetings, call forwarding, call screening, voicemail, limited messaging. It also integrates well with your social media accounts. However, it doesn’t offer facilities like voicemail transcription, conference calling and fax capabilities.



A relatively new entrant in this department, it only offers calling facility, missed call alert. You can also send audio messages, videos and documents. However, the app is not desktop compatible and doesn’t offer facilities like voicemail, landline and conference calling.



RingCentral is a cloud based system that offers toll free numbers, local numbers, 24 x7 support, fax, extensions. It is available for both desktop and mobile.



A web Internet-based phone system that routes your calls to your selected landline or mobile phone number. The calls made to your number can be automatically routed to your private number.



A free application capable of working as your virtual assistant by offering smart blocking for those pesky tele-marketers, voicemail transcription to email and text, call forwarding, incoming call screening.


Hushed App

For people who need a bit of privacy can go for Hushed, which offers a private secondary phone number with a preferred area code so you can keep your real number  hidden. You can also send texts,photos, personalized voicemail account.