Best Google Reader Alternatives 2017

Google Reader was an online aggregator that was able to read Atom and RSS feeds. This has been discontinued now. And many of you wandering for some reliable software that effortlessly perform such reading task. We have found and reviewed some of the best software that are exactly like Google Reader and some are really better than it. So let’s have a look on some of best Google Reader alternatives in 2017.



Feedly is a great option to read, share or organize your favorite web-contents. It collects your preferred contents (from blogs, websites and YouTube) and displays to you as an e-zine. It also has integration with all the social networks. There are some features like improved personalization/ browsing/ sharing and it can be used on multiple gadgets.



Inoreader, an online content reader, brings contents to you directly making it a lot easier and time-saving for you. You can set specific keywords for content-search, save pages, subscribe to online social-feeds and look-up information on subscribed archive. One of the best Google Reader alternatives, keeps track of your unread contents for convenience.



RSSOwl gathers data from RSS-compliant websites, you can organize, update and store information and view them online or offline. This multi-lingual reader is easy to use and configure and is platform independent. RSSOwl lets you subscribe to your feeds and organize them in a way you like.

The Old Reader


The Old Reader, another great Google Reader alternatives, is a web-based RSS reader that lets you subscribe to sites, connect with friends, share links with them, save the links (In Pocket/ Instapaper/ Readability). The Old Reader is free for up to 100 feeds.



Readerapp displays information by catching images and content and you can read without internet connection. It collaborates and integrates with Readability, ReadLater, Instapaper, Twitter, Facebook and many more social media apps. Readerapp is very user-friendly and is a best option if you are looking for  Google Reader alternatives.



NewsBlur, a personal news reader application, it recommends websites and news to you and lets you read directly from the respective sites. But, it accurately tracks and keeps record of all read news articles. It effectively keeps your preferences as a guide to show you your probable favorite articles. There is an active community in NewsBlur to discuss and brainstorm thoughts.

Digg Reader


Digg Reader, another popular Google Reader alternative, lets you have a favorite list of blogs and publishers. It allows import of Google Reader feeds/ folders to Digg effortlessly. The reader is web-based and supports both IOS and Android applications.

Tiny Tiny RSS


Tiny Tiny RSS is a free web-based news aggregator lets the reader read news from anywhere. The Tiny Tiny RSS is written in PHP/ MySQL and user is required to have just a web browser. It is self-hosted and does not depend on any cloud service. Your data is secure and the Google Reader alternatives supports OPML import/ export.

RSS readers are very helpful for active web-browsers by catering to their needs and interests. The RSS saves lots of time by bringing the new contents to the reader. All these alternatives to Google Reader are worth to consider, you can choose what fulfills your needs.  There are variety of them available that are meant for certain platforms like web-based or Windows.