Best Gnome Shell Themes 2017

[Gnome Shell themes 2017] Although the by default user interface of Gnome 3 might not be so attractive but you don’t have to worry as there are a lot of custom themes available for Gnome. You can simply install these custom themes and revamp your experience of using Gnome shell. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the best Gnome shell themes in 2016.


CopernicoCopernico is a fairly decent theme that features a transparent top bar which provides a soothing and refreshing look to your desktop screen. If you like theme with the minimalistic design then Copernico is probably the best custom theme for you.

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VertexVertex is one of the most commonly used themes that offer support to many popular desktop environments including Gnome. Vertex not only includes the shell theme but also features GTK theme that comes in three different types that are a light variant, dark header bars, and a dark variant. You can easily find this theme for Firefox and chrome as well.

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Super Flat Remix

Super Flat RemixThis flat Gnome shell theme has got a seamless design which is inspired by material design theme. The default colors of the Super Flat Remix theme are quite similar to that of the material light theme available on Google Keyboard that makes the top bar of Gnome almost transparent.

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XenlismXenlism is an incredible shell theme that resembles the elementary OS design themes. This theme features a transparent and flat top bar accompanied by light colors thereby offering a soothing and subtle look to your desktop screen. If you love light themes then you can definitely go for it.

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Nova Shell

Nova ShellNove shell is quite a popular custom theme for Gnome offering dark colors and a little transparent user interface. Nova shell will make your desktop look incredibly beautiful despite the dark colors theme. If you think that a dark color theme will make your desktop look intricate and complex then don’t worry as this theme won’t let you down. You can definitely give it a shot.

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EleganZeYou might find this theme quite similar to Nova Shell featuring dark colors and a bit of transparent interface. In comparison to Nova Shell, the EleganZe theme is a little more transparent. You can try out both the themes if you love darker colors more and see which one you like the most. These themes will make you desktop look quite elegant.

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