Best Gmail Alternatives 2017

List of Top Gmail Alternatives to try in 2017, Gone are the days of the good old letter writing as email has taken over. And one of the popular email services today is Gmail. Reportedly, Gmail has over 900 million users and a dominant email client from decades. However, it is not the best as there are many drawbacks with the emailing client. Users have often complained about the compose window which is not so user friendly. Also, google doesn’t give the users too much privacy. So whether you are looking for more privacy or more storage, there are several Gmail Alternatives you can consider. by Microsoft

outlook has replaced Hotmail and office web applications and SkyDrive are integrated with it. Users can import emails from windows mail or outlook express. It can be used to send and receive emails from other email accounts via POP. is also well integrated with social media especially Facebook. Users can view their friends’ updates and publish photos, videos or status from outlook itself. Also, users can import contacts from Facebook. Just like Gmail, you can integrate your tasks and calendar in this offers unlimited storage and it is one of best Gmail alternatives you can consider.

Yahoo! Mail


Gone are the days when Yahoo mail and their instant messaging used to be insanely popular. From the boring interface of yesteryear it has been revamped completely now. It offers 1 TB of storage space. You can also send personalized emails from Stationery. Also, calendar, contacts can be synced easily. You can open different emails in different tabs and multitask. It offers a 100 MB attachment limitation. It is available as a web application and android, iOS applications.



Thunderbird by Mozilla has been around forever and uses IMAP and POP email client. Users can setup their Gmail account on Thunderbird. It is also free and open source and available for all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.


Hushmail is available on website as well as mobile phones working on iOS or Android.  If you are looking for privacy, then Hushmail is your best bet as it offers encryption and no advertisements. You can also choose different domain names. However, you need to sign into your account once every three weeks to let it remain active.

mailcom is a free service that allows you to choose from 200+ domains. It also comes with unlimited storage, antivirus, calendar integration. If you don’t like the 25 MB cap of attachments on Gmail then this is a good option for you as it allows sending 50 MB Attachments. It also supports Gmail, Yahoo etc.



Mailstrom is another email client which is a good Gmail alternatives. Users can use their Gmail, Outlook, Apple, Yahoo email address or any other service that supports IMAP. It allows users to use one-click block function to stop spam mails. With all emails, encryption is used so that users’ privacy is maintained.

If you are not satisfied with Google and their invasion on your privacy, then there are loads of options out there. There are lots of email clients that have features as good as Gmail and they can be your go to options if you are looking for Gmail alternatives.