Best GIT Clients 2017

Best GIT clients of 2017: GIT is a popular control system which is widely used across the world and has been built to promote reliability and speed. While other tools and applications are available in the market, Git is still the most popular one because it is easily available for different operating systems and can be used easily by different users.

Git is just appropriate for different items, be it for configuration of files to code, on projects which are being worked on by an individual or by the whole team. Let’s checkout the top GIT Clients below.

The Top GIT Clients are

Git for Windows

Git for WindowsIt is a window port which has a lightweight interface to be used by users. The interface includes Git binaries and also the graphical user interface to work on. This client is considered as the most stable option, as it has all the basic features incorporated within it. While using the client, it is important for the user to write down the first file as “Git—windows” instead of writing msygit.

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TortoiseGitTortoiseGit is quite similar to TortoiseSVN. TortoiseGit does not have an external GUI; instead, it is a mere shell extension which integrates well with the explorer content menu. While using this client, the user need not have to deal or interact with any external program instead, they can keep using the software by doing certain merges, checking for comparison or some other sorts of features on the client.

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SmartGitIt is one of the easy to use clients which deliver results as expected by the users. SmartGit has emerged as one of the best in the group, especially because of its ease of use, advanced features, and also built-in tools available within it. Another essential thing about SmartGit is it can be easily integrated with GitHub. So, if you are using GitHub to manage your codes, then the client is going to produce some of the speediest outputs for you.

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EGit for Eclipse

EGit for EclipseEclipse integrated development environment works for the management of code in your Git. On the other hand, Eclipse is used for writing such codes.  Eclipse is available for free to support development environment, which is why users can keep using it and make the most out of it.

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Git Extensions

Git ExtensionsIt is Windows shell extension for Git, which is quite similar to that of Tortoise Git. The client comes with the inclusion of plugins for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010. These plugins make the client a perfect choice for users, especially the ones looking forward to flexibility and ease in terms of use.

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