Best GIMP Alternatives 2017

Alternatives to GIMP 2017: GIMP also known as GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is the popular image editor available for different operating systems like Linux, windows etc. in this you can also modify the source code and also share with has more classy tools through which it is easy to get your work done. Some of the alternatives are as follows:

This GIMP alternative is a human photo has many features similar to the nifty default windows program. It is known to be the advanced version of windows contains all the basic features as are available in the image editing tool.

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This GIMP alternative is the one which has the framework based on Mac’s cocoa. It gives main tools like gradients and much more. It is reliable to use and has an awesome interface.

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This GIMP alternative is based on web editing. It is reliable to those who don’t want to stop the browser for editing. It is a free online tool for image editing and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

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The Sumopaint is an image editing tool which comes with features like brushes, gradients, and fun image editor. It is available in free and paid both the versions. Both the versions are reliable to use.

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This GIMP alternative is the much powerful one, versatile and also helpful in editing the videos. This tool was used in Hollywood movies for its animated is available for all the UNIX based systems.

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The PicMonkey which helps to edit the tools on the has many image editing filters. It also has many funny stickers that can be added to your images like mustaches or the party hats. This image editing tool is also available in free has more nifty tools like blemish removal or the wrinkle removers.

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This GIMP alternative is used for the operating is available with features like palette editing and other effects was firstly originated as a pixel art. It is now available in free version. It is designed for drawing indexed color mode.

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This GIMP alternative is the best image editing tool. It is basically based on the platforms like Linux and UNIX, both are open source platforms. It is being a great tool which overcomes all the image editing needs at one platform. Krita involves the features like multiple masks per layer, layer inherits alpha, color wheel format, colour history, clone layer etc.

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Paint shop pro x7

This GIMP alternative is the one originated from Corel. It has a slick user interface and also is cost effective image editing includes many image editing tool and graphics tool too. It is developed by the maker of the painter. Its tools can be extended by the has built-in library of tools.

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The Pixelmator is the paid one. This tool also supports the iPad and other operating systems. This image editing tool is based on mac operating systems. It is the best and the fastest image editing tool, and also cost effective too which gives tremendously low prices.