Best GIF Viewer 2017

List of GIF Viewers 2017: Many technical computer techniques and software which were once considered the domain of professionals have become common place now. GIF fall in the same category of image creation which is now used by kids and professionals alike to create fun stories or memes. We will look at the most used and popular GIF viewers for 2017.

Graphics Interchange Format or GIF as popularly known was developed by a US based software writer Steve Wilhite while he was working in the internet service providing company CompuServe in 1987. It has become popular due to its support and portability.

We look at the popular and easy to use options available for Windows and Apple alike.


inviewerFormerly known as the GIF viewer and is easy and quick to use. The installation is short and does not take too much time. It has few menu bar, buttons, and a pane to view the uploaded ones. It is easy to use for all types of users including the newbie user.

Download InViewer

Windows 7 GIF Viewer


This has simple steps and procedure which the user needs to follow to install this program and also has options to make the handling of the software easier.

Download Windows 7 GIF Viewer

GIF Viewer 1.6.6


This is a tool to view static and animated GIFs and can also extract individual frames from animated GIF files and save separately. It allows GIF at slow or fast speeds and gives other advanced options of opensource GIF Viewer. There is a timeline available which plays the duration and position of the animated GIF in frames. You can pause the GIF by using STOP, change the speed.

Download GIF Viewer 1.6.6



This is a good viewer for Windows with its drag and drop options for GIF files. It can PAUSE, STOP, INCREASE/DECREASE animation speed along with zoom or view slide show. You can freeze the GIF, save specific frames.

Download 7GIF



This is a simple image viewer which runs the GIF files automatically when opened. It has all the motion movements with no option to change the playback speed. Also, other formats can be viewed such as .psd, .bmp, .gif,.jpg, .jp2, .tga, .psb, .tiff, .avi, .cdr.

Download IrfanView

These software are a necessity for designers and professional artists. The Windows Photo Viewer allows GIF to be opened but does not support animation. To play GIF, Internet Explorer browsers need to be taken for support. So playing GIF using these software is a simple and easy way to manipulate and utilize the material. These are used widely for fun and work alike and come with the best possible solutions to all requirements one can have with GIF images. There are GIF viewers for all operating systems including mobile OS.