Best GIF Editors for MAC 2017

macOS sierra GIF Editors: Would you like to make a GIF? These animated, hushed loops have turned out to be a touching currency on the web, permitting people to respond in manners words just don’t permit. But if you can’t locate the ideal GIF for your present feeling, why not make one yourself?

Why is GIF editor essential?

Whether you recognize the precise clip you would like to raise from YouTube, or expect to do something in a GIF yourself, there are selections of paraphernalia out there for making the precise GIF you would like. Nowadays, we’re going to look at numerous web apps, desktop applications for equally PC and Mac along with mobile applications for equally iOS and Android.



Giphy is a most popular option for GIFs; therefore if you’re making a GIF, you almost certainly would like it on said site. Giphy’s individual GIF creator lets you concurrently make and distribute your formation, and is actually simple to utilize. Just choose your source stuff from YouTube, Vimeo, and you can choose any piece of the video to turn into a GIF. You can furthermore add a slogan, if you would like.

The procedure is not lengthy and the consequential GIFs are right away uploaded to Giphy. From there, you can distribute them, download them unswervingly, or pinch them via a selection of paraphernalia. You can turn a set of still pictures into a GIF, for example, or edit any of the obtainable GIFs on the website. In all, this is an influential device for any GIF admirer, and one well worth verifying out.

Download Giphy for MAC


icon128-2x (1)

If you would like a yet simpler manner to record a piece of your monitor, RecordIT is what you’re waiting for. This easy application lives in the menu bar and permits you to initiate recording with just some clicks.

Download RecordIT for MAC



This is free and popular application software from the Mac App Store that permits you to choose a segment of your Mac display, record it and change it into a GIF. GifGrabber is an extremely simple piece of software to employ and somewhat that anybody can employ.

Download GifGrabber for MAC


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PicGIF is somewhat prettier and straightforward to utilize, but GIF Brewery offers you better manage over the optimization and performance of completed GIFs.

Download PicGIF for MAC