Best Game Recording Software 2017

Top Game Recording Software for 2017: Nowadays gaming is the biggest source of entertainment. Few people like to play online multiplayer gaming, browser games etc., and other people like to play old games. Sometimes we like to get an instructional video of the game and to record it.

So we need to have some game recording software. Here is the list of best and top 10 game recording software 2017, let’s have a look.

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The top ten Game Recording Software are:

Open Broadcaster software

Open broadcaster software is a free game recording software which comes with a bunch of useful options. It has a very simple and easy user interface. It can be installed on Windows 7, 10 and MAC, Linux.

Download Open Broadcaster Software 

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Shadowplay is software introduced by Geforce and free game recording software by which you can be able to record your gaming moments. It has a great shadow mode.

Download Shadowplay

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It is an amazing game recording software comes with great features. It is highly advanced software. You need to pay $49 to download this software as this is not a freeware.

Download Action

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Bandicam is not only a game recording software but it is able to perform many other tasks such as video compression, simple and easy to use, adjustable with Windows. You can use this software for free as a trial. Otherwise you have to pay dollar $59 to get license of this software.

Download Bandicam

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XSplit Gamecaster, if you are looking for a game recording software with highly advanced features then this software has made for you. It has GPU support and record at very high of gaming. It is not a free software.

Download XSplitGamecaster

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D3DGear is an easy and simple software for recording the game. It is free from any difficulty or highly advanced features. Easy to use software. Trial of this software is totally free.

Download D3DGear

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Dxtory has a tone of many useful features such as advanced setting for audio and video. It is very simple and light software to use. You can have customize option with free version of this software also.

Download Dxtory

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Fraps is a super light and small software which comes with very light size of 2.3MB, although it is very light software but not too poor with the performance. It has very limited features but useful also. Design for simple performance.

Download Fraps

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WM Capture

WM Capture is very advanced game recording software which has a great capability capturing almost everything with the great quality. It can record video of gaming in many format such as AVI, MPEG and FLV.

Download WM Capture

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Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved

This is the last software of this list and have a great quality of capturing your videos of gaming. You need to have some great quality hardware to get a better performance from this software.

Download Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved

Entire software mention above are best in their uses and features. It’s all up to need of user and interest of recording the game. Entire list of software is best to perform the game recording.