Best Free USB Encryption Software for MAC 2017

macOS sierra USB Encryption Software: With regards to storing information on the go, or even exchanging documents between PCs, there’s not really a storage medium more prominent than USB drives. All things considered, USB drives are quite solid, to a great degree helpful, and obviously, compact.

What is USB Encryption and Why it is needed?

In any case, versatility likewise implies that they can without much of a stretch get lost, or harmed. Also, that is not something worth, particularly in the event that you utilize them to store imperative and secret data, which can arrive into the wrong hands. Hence USB Encryption is needed to protect data.
There are various encryption software’s accessible out there, equipped at securing USB drives.

The top five USB Encryption software:



VeraCrypt is a greatly rich encryption apparatus with multiple features. Despite the fact that it’s essentially equipped towards protecting hard drives, VeraCrypt performs similar functionality with USB drives. This is broadly utilized by Mac Users.

• VeraCrypt essentially works by making password protected disk volumes, which are encrypted with industry standard encryption calculations and exceptionally secured.
• All you need to do is module the USB drive, and take after the strides said in the volume creation wizard. Consequently, it’s truly easy to setup.

Download VeraCrypt for MAC

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Originating from the Seagate storage gadgets, LaCie Private-Public is a to a great degree simple, yet shockingly great USB encryption programming. It doesn’t attempt to do excessively, however, works extraordinarily for what it is.

• LaCie Private-Public makes encrypted USB streak drives a breeze.
• Just determine the disk size of the USB drive to be encrypted, alongside the secret key, and the utility will encode the drive (space) utilizing the standard AES 256 calculation.
• LaCie Private-Public is flawless in case you’re searching for a solid and quick encryption apparatus to use on the go.

Download LaCie for MAC



FileVault is a greatly convenient encryption utility that lets you effortlessly secure the information stored on your USB drives. This is inbuilt software available for all Mac users.

• It can be designed in simple seconds, utilizing the Drive Encryption applet of the Control Panel.
• If you would prefer to not confuse yourself with multiple software’s available in the market, this is a thing to go for.

Download FileVault for MAC



PGP permits you to encode and keep your information secured for Mac clients. It is a half breed encryption programming program that uses a mix of customary symmetric-key cryptography for performance and opens key cryptography for simplicity of secure key trade.

• PGP add extra layer in encryption by using special algorithm to enhance the security of the USB drives
• Its installation is easy and quick.

Download PGP for MAC



EasyLock is a cross-platform tool for secure secret information stored on interior HDD or duplicated on USB gadgets. EasyLock creates and stores the password as per your choice.

• If you have private documents or secret information and you need to keep away from others, you can secure them by password based military strength AES 256bits
• Eliminate the danger in the event that a USB drive or compact hard drive is lost or stolen and guarantee the information shared on cloud services is protected.

Download EasyLock for MAC