Best Free Uninstallers for MAC 2017

macOS sierra Free Uninstallers: Setting up Mac apps is pretty easy, but eliminating them and all the files they make isn’t forever so simple. Providentially there are ample of uninstallers to facilitate with the job, and our preferred is AppCleaner, thanks to its easy process, bright characteristic set, and $0 price tag. Uninstalling apps from your Mac engages more than just pressing the delete key. You should employ a trusted Mac uninstaller therefore that you can get rid of all traces of an app you desire to remove.

  • TrashMe
  • AppZapper
  • AppDelete
  • Amnesia
  • CleanApp



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ThrashMe is well valued for its easy drag and drop a line. You can just drop the app you desire to uninstall and this application will routinely discover all other connected elements similar to the widget and totally erase them as well.

It furthermore comes with an apparatus that will defend default programs and further significant apps from unintentional removal. This application can furthermore be employed for clean-up OS X caches, removing rubbish files, and vacant the garbage.

Download TrashMe for Mac




AppZapper allows its consumers to uninstall apps with just one click. Formerly you just need to drag and drop an app for uninstallation; this application will routinely list down all the files connected with it. You can after that erases the whole thing by clicking the Zap key.

Aside from connected files, it will furthermore totally eradicate the plugins and widgets connected with the removed app. One of its exclusive features is that it has a characteristic for undulating programs that you have incorrectly uninstalled.

Download AppZapper for Mac




AppDelete is extremely analogous to AppCleaner. The interface is approximately equal and therefore is the characteristic set. The three key dissimilarities are 1) you can hunt for orphaned app files from apps you beforehand removed previous to utilizing an uninstaller (which is pretty pleasant), 2) it can run as a concealed app therefore you can turn on garbage checking (its edition of SmartDelete) without feeling similar to you have yet one more app unlock, and 3) you can remove apps using the Mac OS X Services menu.

Download AppDelete for Mac




If you are looking for a method to totally get rid of an app from your Mac, you can furthermore gain by utilizing Amnesia. It has a simple to recognize interface that permits you to select a particular program for removal and after that will facilitate you to locate its connected files comprising plugins and widgets. It will after that rapidly and totally removes them from your arrangement.

Amnesia furthermore comes with additional helpful characteristics like malware guard. Though it is the best application, you can attempt it for free for 15 days.

Download Amnesia for Mac




CleanApp which has the uppermost cost tag by just a small bit, but recommends numerous more features. Aside from just being an uninstaller, it’ll furthermore clean out tons of additional older crap on your hard drive. It comes with drag-and-drop app removal similar to the others, but there are numerous more types obtainable to notice and get rid of files that have just left idle for an elongated time, are duplicate, are needless, and more. If a methodical clean-up is in order and an easy uninstaller won’t slash it, CleanApp is a high-quality option.

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