Best Free Audio Converter 2017

List of Audio Converter: Audio converter software is mainly useful if your most loved music application on your tablet or phone doesn’t support the format for the tunes you download. A sound converter can change over that obscure format into a format that your application underpins.

What are Audio Converters and its importance?

An audio file converter is record converter that is used to change over one kind of sound record into another kind of sound record. In case you can’t play or alter a specific sound file, the way you would have preferred because the format isn’t supported by the product you’re utilizing. In such case, you need an audio converter. Here we are listing some of the best in 2017.

iTunes Audio Converter


This is a predominant free audio converter. The best thing about iTunes is the long list of sound configurations it supports. If you have an uncommon sound file and you need to convert to something more common (or the other way around), you ought to attempt the iTunes sound converter. All conversion procedures are quick and easy to handle.

Download iTunes Audio Converter



This is a standout among the steadiest and comprehensive multi-format sound file converters accessible and is easy to utilize. The free version of SoundTaxi is accessible for non-business use. This free variant does not expire and incorporates most basic sound file format. It also incorporates group sound converter to convert multiple files simultaneously.

Download SoundTaxi

Free MP3 WMA Converter


This is one of the few video/sound encoding tool that can use four threads to exploit quad-center multi-processor systems. You can modify the maximal amount of threads in the settings. In this way, it is conceivable to take advantage of high-speed multi-conversion even on an eight-core framework. Apart from converting the single sound file into the different format in bulk, you can combine numerous records into one bigger sound file.

Download Free MP3 WMA Converter

Monkey’s Audio


It makes superior MP3 quality with the assistance of alternative encoder scheme. Monkey’s Audio converter does not contain spyware or adware and runs with both single and batch mode option. It’s totally free and totally safe to install and run. All you do is upload the first sound record, pick the desired output format, and after that wait for an email with the link to the new file.

Download Monkey’s Audio

MP3 Coder


It is a perfect tool to convert sound files for audio CD burning and music player enjoyment. With this intense sound converter, you can change one sound format into another while keeping up high sound quality. Another significant feature is one that gives you a chance to set up to three preset conversion formats so you can right-tap on a sound record and pick one of those arrangements for a quick change. It’s a big time-saving option.

Download MP3 Coder

If you are facing any issue with your existing audio files, don’t wait. Grab your opportunity to download one as discussed and make the conversion as per your desired format with ease.