Best FPS Games for MAC 2017

Top FPS Games for MAC: The popularity of the First Person Shooter (FPS) games has grown over the years. The FPS games are action oriented and hence are a favorite choice of the youngsters. Most people have the view that the MAC games do not have the best FPS games which can be played on the console. But the reality is that there are a lot of FPS games for MAC out there in the year 2017.

The FPS games have a lot to offer to every kind of the gamer depending upon his style of playing and preference. These games can be easily mixed with other genres to make them interesting for a wide range of players. We will list some of the most popular game changing FPS games of the year 2017

Coming straight to the list, let’s hit the ground with the best FPS games of the year in an order.

BioShock Infinite


It is a single player FPS game published for MAC in the year 2013. There is a wonderful story that drives the player to play this game. The gameplay and the graphics of the game are top-notch. The city described in the game is amazing and once you start playing this game you will surely fall in love with the graphics. This game is good for everyone.

Download BioShock Infinite for MAC

Team Fortress 2


The game is a worth mentioning when it comes to the first-person shooter games. The game is developed by the famous game developer Valve. You have to choose a character in the game from a list of nine wonderful characters. The game will give you a rogue-like feel of the characters and the story. It is one of the best social game in this category.

Download Team Fortress 2 for MAC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution


It is a refreshing first person shooter game that can turn into an action game if needed. You have to deal with the enemies by making strategies also. The game can be a fit for a player who likes to explore different ways of playing the games. The campaigns used in the game have to be handled with a single player only.

Download Deus Ex: Human Revolution for MAC 

Metro Last Light Redux


 The fans of the horror and survival games will find this game interesting to play. The game is set in the post-apocalyptic Moscow. The missions and the world looks a little scary at first. The game design and the performance are high class. It is a perfect alternative for the players who are bored of the multiplayer shooter games and want to try something new.

Download Metro Last Light Redux for MAC

Boderlands: The pre-Sequel


For the people who like playing RPG’s Boderlands: The pre-Sequel has a lot to offer. This game has improved the all-time favorite Boderlands 2 in an unimaginable way. It has a mix of Role-playing elements and First-person-shooter elements. It is best to play this game with friends.

Download Borderlands: The pre-sequel for MAC