Best Font Manager 2017

Best Font Managers: Writing various kinds of copies, creating graphics, publishing, web-site designing, interface designers, packaging designers, architectural firms, industrial designers, advertising agencies and various such professions require signs and typography. Different kinds of fonts are a part of the job description and purchasing fonts are common from various systems such as Adobe Systems, Monotype Corporation.

Font management software is a utility which the computer can use to browse and preview fonts and also to install and uninstall fonts.  Font Manager is of various kinds and we will look at the 2017 versions which are very popular and offer awide variety of features.

MainType 7.0


This is a powerful and easy software with a font viewer for Windows and helps keep the issues in font management at bay. It has a lot of intuitive features which make it easy to find, preview, organize, install and print fonts. It supports all kinds of common font formats: TrueType, OpenType, Collections and Postscript Type 1 fonts. It is a very useful tool for graphic artists, typographers and other users who need high functionality.

Download MainType 7.0

Linotype FontExplorer X


It counts the support of an online store as its USP where you can browse various fonts before purchasing. You can examine and compare like an online store as if the font was on your computer. The tool gives the combined benefit of font management, font sorting, shopping, and trial or discovery.

The fonts can be organized in the library, folders, tags and smart sets. It makes it easy to find specific typefaces, italics, and tagged keywords.

Download Linotype FontExplorerX

Master Juggler


This software gives a superb ability to port your fonts anywhere and can be stored and accessed anywhere and shared over a network. You can organize fonts in customized sets as per your current needs. Preview along with full Unicode support and a font’s entire Unicode glyph map can be used to find the as per requirement.

Download Master Juggler

Nexus Font


It is the most recommended font manager for Windows. It is a simple freeware application with functions such as activate, deactivate, sorting and searching.

Download Nexus Font




For all kinds of font types including Adobe PostScript Fonts, FontExpert Font manager allows you to preview and manage both kinds of installed and uninstalled typefaces and also examines the system for font errors. You can get the list of installed font faces, customizable font samples, and advanced font properties.

Apart from letting you view and preview fonts, it also allows a database search by keywords, ratings, and categories.

Download FontExpert

Font managers are a fantastic way for a designer to keep track of their stylized fonts which are a necessity for their profession. There are hundreds to thousands of applications – free and paid – which can increase your font efficiency. Choosing it wisely will enhance your work and ease your pain.