Best Font Awesome Alternatives 2017

Web design is a key aspect of website building.  Every aspect of a website is important, be it fonts, layout, interlinking and content. Icon fonts are everywhere, they are being used to enrich the interface designers build. Web designers can use any icon fonts and they can be downloaded to the user’s  computer. Icon Fonts are not just smaller in size, but they also load faster. They can be incorporated for myriad things like medicine, banking, currency, text, sports, etc. Icon fonts are also factors that impart them with a beautiful look in an HD display.

Font awesome is no  doubt very good. It is an icon font set designed to work well with Twitter bootstrap and can be used to make buttons, navigation, etc. There  are tons of other options that have emerged and can be used as an alternate to Font Awesome. Here we list the best alternatives for Font Awesome.



Fontello is a tool that allows you to customize the icons, codes and names of web fonts  from a number of sources like Font Awesome, Fontelico, Brandico, Typicons, Iconic, Modern Pictograms, Entypo etc. You can mix and match other icons and combine them into a single package.




IcoMoon is a free application providing icons package and also an HTML5 application allowing you to quickly browse and download icons, edit and import icons to use them as fonts. You can also sort your icons, manage your icon collections or make them searchable by adding tags.




Typicons are free vector icons which can be embedded in a web font. It can be used easily in user interfaces in web applications or  native applications.  It is a set of 336 well-made, clean font set. It is available on Github and the project can also be used to develop customized icons.



Modern Pictograms

Modern Pictograms  includes set of 263 drawings of objects and icons of interfaces. There are both free and paid versions of Modern Pictogram, version 1 is free and version 2 is paid.




Ionicons is an open source premium  icon package available on Github. There are many alternatives available for an icon allowing developers to choose what they like.



The Noun Project

 A worthy contender in this list is The Noun Project. They have icons for almost everything under the sun. They aim to increase the collaboration between designers by offering a whopping 430,000 + icon. So if you don’t want to spend designing your own icon, you can choose from a diverse range of icons from The Noun Project.




Pictonic is an innovative, icon font generator boasting of around 2625 fonts, 266 of which are free.




Yet another well-made, clean set of handcrafted fonts. There are many icons included in this, but the only drawback is it costs $49. It can be hosted or embedded  via CSS. Pictos Redux offers three sets of icons: Line, Solid and Color. They are fitted into a 24 x 24 pixel grid to ensure crisp and clear icons. You can also customize the icons by modifying the stroke width and effect.