Best Flickr Alternatives 2017

Printing out photos and preserving them in a physical photo album is a thing of the past. The concept of photo storage has totally changed in this digital era. We now can simply put our memories in a photo sharing website, which can host them and display those photos. Apart from hosting your precious photos, these websites also allow for storage as well as editing among many other features.

This particular space was dominated by Flickr, which even had the feature of auto upload from the desktop and also a mobile app. But Flickr from the house of Yahoo recently announced that their special feature of automatic desktop up loader will only be available for paid customers (Flickr Pro). That is why an alternative of Flickr flocks in our minds. Though Flickr had several robust features, so does many of its counterparts.

  1. 500PX

Launched in the web in the year of 2009, 500PX undoubtedly serves as a prime alternative to Flickr. 500PX offers for the photography enthusiasts a robust community of photo sharing service in the web. 20 images can be uploaded weekly in its free plan and shedding $25 annually makes you a premium member.

500PX offers an intelligent artist community with a commenting and voting structure. The album layout in the website is also brilliant. One can browse through the photos uploaded in the site and one can also earn royalty for their photos even in the free plan. In 2015 they introduced their Mobile application in different platform, cementing its presence.


  1. IMGUR

This Ohio based start-up is another great alternative to Flickr. Imgur is widely popular and ranked 16th among Alexa’s top sites in the USA. Known to play Aprils fool jokes on its users, perhaps it is most famous for its citification feature, which allows its users to add cats to any images with just one click. Its popularity surpassed other photo hosting sites such as Photobucket, ImageShack, TinyPic etc. Imgur has the provision to make private albums or make uploaded images public.

Imgur gives you the provision to upload unlimited number of pictures and one can even browse through them without signing up.  Imgur comes with a lot of interesting features such as Meme Generator: creating image macros with custom texts; Up vote and Down vote feature; Video to GIF converter; Flexible “topic” wise search engine; robust imgur profiles; Trophy system to keep the Imgur community more engaged etc. Imgur also came up with its mobile application for IOS and Android users in 2015.


  1. Instagram

With more than 300 million users worldwide Instagram owned by Facebook is another heavyweight competitor of Flickr. Though Instagram has a web version( Where you can do only profile editing and photo browsing), its mobile application is far more popular, which is directly connected to Facebook, tumbler and other social networks, enabling you to click and upload photos at those platforms. Apart from unlimited photo upload, Instagram also allows users to upload short videos. With features like Explore tab; Instagram stories, Instagram direct and a vast number of filter effects, Instagram has acquired a huge loyal user base.


  1. Photobucket

This Colorado based online photo sharing website has more than 100 million registered users and over 10 billion uploaded photos. With a free plan one gets 2 GB storage and upgrading the plan gets you more space. This robust community has one of the best securities on the net for your uploaded contents (video or image). You can also directly print your photos from Photobucket. Photobucket supports all major file formats and one can upload contents from local devices, social accounts and URLs. It also has additional features of editing and full resolution image backup.

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  1. Smugmug

This paid photo sharing website allows image and video hosting to its users to their profiles. This image hosting service provides excellent platform for amateur and professional photographers with their toolset. Smugmug offers mainly four different levels of accounts, each with their unique features. It allows the user to have total control of the privacy of the published content. It even allows one have their images to be watermarked (Custom based). One can also sell the digital work through smugmug interface. With features like custom domain name, right click protection, online digital storage front for images etc. Smugmug has garnered lot popularity among professional photographers especially.


There are several other photo sharing websites which might act as an alternative to Flickr. But the above described 5 websites will surely be suitable alternative to Flickr for different categories of users. Pick yours.