Best Fiverr Alternatives 2017

The service and product industry has grown widely with the spread of technology. It is growing more beneficially with the commencement of Internet Age. Fiverr is a platform which unifies sellers as well as buyers at one place for offering and accepting gigs. It is a very popular destination for freelancers; however its higher pricing policy may put off some people. The hefty 20 percent fees, probes the user to look for some efficient and affordable Fiverr alternatives. The list below provides a crisp summation of some significant options:

SEO Clerk

This Fiverr alternatives is a nice option for those looking for gigs at a low price of 1USD. The site layout offers the section to view customer feedbacks and buyer comments, to choose the more likely option. SEO Clerk offers 5level of usage. The user starts from level 1 with limit of service offers 5 to 125USD and the clearance period for funds clearance is longer. The user has to reach level 2 to gain other benefits.


Fourerr as the name suggests the user can offer a gig of 4USD for a micro job. Unlike SEO Clerks, the users are given badges as they ascend with the micro job completion. The user interface of the website is simple, easy to load and interesting. Payments are secured with escrow accounts, through Paypal. The major crowd of website is from India (approx. 33%) and USA (approx. 22%)


Internet has provided a great opportunity for freelancers to sell their soft skills to buyers who need them. Gigbucks is another Fiverr alternatives, where freelancers are hired by buying gigs. The price of gigs starts from 5 to 50USD with 20% commission charge. The sellers get paid through Paypal or Alertpay/Payza. The website is built on the Fiverr Script and is soon going to launch “Gigbucks 2.0” with lower fees.


Upwork is another freelancing platform where buyers and sellers interact for buying and selling gigs. This Fiverr alternatives, also provides an iOS and Android application to stay connected on the go. The website offers three subscription plans which start from free subscription plan. The paid plan starts from 500 USD/job search to customized options. Upmark offers sliding service fees of 20% per 500 USD, 10% for 500 to 10,000 and 5% for above 10,000 USD.


Freelancer is a global employment website for crowdsourcing. The website platform facilitates user to post jobs. The freelancers then bid for the same. The employer can select the most suitable bid to get the work done. The payments are secured by escrow accounts. The bidder gets payment through Paypal, Credit card or Skrill account. The website charges 10% fees on received payments. The website is also available as application for both iOS and Android users.

Online market place has changed, they are now not meant for selling or buying physical goods only. The soft goods like write-ups, web designs, logo designs etc. are also needed worldwide. There are hundreds of websites available but one should use the website which has most usability and right content for personal use. The payment plans are important but one should consider the fact that if a plan is worth paying to get enough and best possible contracts, it should be considered.