Best Firefox Alternatives 2017

Using Mozilla’s Firefox, a free and open source web browser, that anyone can not only use it to browse the internet, but also can take its source code and modify it according to their requirements. Firefox is available as desktop version and also for mobile devices that are based on iOS and Android. Now let us look into some of the best Firefox alternatives 2017:


This Firefox alternatives has been developed using the source code of Firefox, and compiled it for 64 bit Windows, since Firefox does not provide a 64 bit Windows version yet. Waterfox also uses the same profile data that Firefox uses and so it becomes easy for the users when they decide to switch to Waterfox from Firefox.

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Pale Moon

This optimized build of Firefox is a good Firefox alternatives as it also has a 32 bit version. Moreover, this browser also does not have an accessibility and parental control options, but has a bookmark toolbar and status bar. This browser also comes with its own configuration directory, which is not present in Waterfox.

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This Firefox alternatives is an all in one internet application suite browser that has features like advanced email, newsgroup, feed client, IRC chat and also simple HTML editing feature. The latest version includes HTML5, hardware acceleration and improved Javascript speed.

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This Firefox alternatives is for those who are using Debian Linux and will be available installed directly on their systems, instead of having Firefox. Since, Mozilla could not allow Debian to modify firefix for creating their version, Iceweasel was brought into picture.

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This Firefox alternatives is the GNU version of Firefox for Linux operating systems. While the browser software is available for use for completely free, the plugins and addons will however cost for the user to download and install.

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Apart from being a browser, the application also includes multi source download capabilities and also has integrated BitTorrent client. The home page of the application also features links to Torrent videos, TV shows, music and many other.

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Opera is the browser software that has first introduced the revolutionary tabs and Speed Dial bookmarks that have now become norms in the industry. Opera also features data compression a process that helps in delivering a faster browsing experience, especially when the user is experiencing a slow network.

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Iron Browser

Iron browser is all the same to Chrome browser except that it does not track your user data, which happens in Google Chrome. If you are a fan of Chrome, but does not like that it tracks your user data, then Iron Browser is for you.

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This Firefox alternatives is highly customizable browser software that has only a limited support of plugins, but also offers a large variety of tweaks that can be used to change the appearance and behaviour of the browser.

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The browser uses the WebKit rendering engine and also has cloud synchronization features. This is a cross platform browser that is available on all devices like Windows, Linux, Os X and also on mobile devices.