Best Feedly Alternatives 2017

We are heavily addicted to social media. We all have our favorite news sites, blogs that we visit frequently. To keep abreast with latest news and happenings, RSS readers are a must have. RSS readers are very convenient and can fetch the latest content from your favorite web sources and put them in one place. One such app is Feedly, which is a great RSS reader. It can feed suggestions, share articles over social networks. It is not a perfect app however and there are many options out there. Here’s a list of the few best Feedly Alternatives.



One of the best Feedly Alternatives is InoReader. It hosts a lot of features for the power user. You can choose your favorite topics and get a curated feed. You can also subscribe to add your favorite websites. InoReader also allows users to filter feeds through tags and folders. You can mark your favorite articles or share them on your favorite social networking sites. The free account comes up with ads and doesn’t include features like feed backups, article searching. You can always upgrade to a paid version which includes features like password protection, article searching, automatic backups and much more. It is available on web, android, iOS, Windows phone and as browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox etc.



If you are looking for a powerful Feedly alternatives to take care of your feeds, then NewsBlur is a good solution. You can add your favorite topics; add your own websites as well. It also includes different reading modes to view the stories as you want to.  Users’ favorite stories can be shared on social networks as well on your personal blog. The predictive feature of this app sets it apart from competitors. Users can train this app to display the posts they like to see. It is free for subscription to 64 sites and a paid version is also available for an annual fee of $24. In the paid version, users can subscribe to unlimited sites, save searches and more.

Feed Wrangler


Feed Wrangler is one of the best Feedly Alternative in this list. It has a clean and simple interface. The management of feeds is simplified with this app. You can also follow your favorite websites and listen to podcasts. It is not linked to social media sites but you can save your articles in apps like Pocket.  It is available on iOS devices for an annual fee of $19.

Digg Reader


Digg Reader is another Feedly Alternatives which can be used.  The shortcuts and information on Google Reader can also work on Digg. It follows a minimalist approach and offers a clean interface. It is available as a free app on iOS, android, web and as a chrome extension. The only drawback of Digg is it doesn’t allow a search feature and social media integration.

There are some other apps like Evernote and Pocket which are not RSS readers per se, but allow users to access articles.  Apart from that, there are news aggregator sites like Flipboard which can be used to discover new content. Other RSS readers like CommaFeed, G2Reader and Tiny Tiny RSS which can also be considered. These apps are perfect for getting latest content with a  few clicks.