Best Evernote Alternatives 2017

We are all normal human beings with our memory failing us many times due to various factors like stress and excess load. This may be a small issue when the problem is not a big one. However, when something major gets slipped out, it becomes a huge catastrophe that is irreversible. To avoid such calamities and keep control over things maintaining to do list is important. Basically a cross platform that helps to take notes and maintaining them in an organized manner, Evernote is a free application developed by Evernote Corporation headquartered in California. While Ever Note is still available for its users, let us have a look at some of the best Evernote Alternatives that showcase more option for you.


With an easier interface than Evernote, Simplenote through its support for the text based notes helps user get accustomed to it in a short period of time. Simplenote allows sharing and synchronizing of notes with other devices belonging to various platforms including third party applications. It also allows backing up of your notes in a safe manner.


Google Keep

Basically a grid based setup the salient features of Google Keep are the option to change the note colors, note creation in list type model, possibility of creating reminders for notes and provision to share the created notes with others. The interesting feature is that the reminders created for notes can be voice notes which are automatically transcribed.

google keep

Microsoft One Note

The main advantage of using Microsoft One Note is the easy accessibility the application offers to your notes from any device you use. It allows advance features like adding web clips and photographs to notes and converting all your mails into notes. Microsoft One Note allows creation of notes based on check lists while supporting usage of third party applications

 microsoft one

SOHO Notes

Soho Notes is an application that allows you to create notes for all types of resources like iPad, iPhone and iPod. The notes thus created from various types of resources can be stored in various forms like web clippings, videos and forms, PDF’s and Voice Recordings, images and text. SOHO Notes also supports list based on checklists, hyper linking notes, advanced search options and organized labeled and tagged folders.


Google Docs

People who know the famous Google Docs would not have expected it to be in the list of Evernote alternatives. However, Google Docs provides all support to create, store, retrieve and archive notes. Its advanced features enable creation as well as sharing of presentations, Excel sheet and text based notes in an easy and secured manner.

google docs


This is a note keeping application predominantly for Mac users,and one of the best Evernote Alternatives available. It supports storing of images, texts, movies. Documents, web pages, book marks and sound files in iPad, iPhone and Macs where the synchronization happens based on iCloud.



Nevernote is an open source application it s also a Linux client of Evernote. All you need to work on Nevernote is an Evernote account and log in. It offers decent features like different color codes for notes and enables notebook sharing.