Best Everest Alternatives 2017

You are using the computer and it just crashes all of a sudden. If you are a computer whiz it is easy to fix your computer problems. But for the technologically challenged, it is exceedingly difficult to fix it. Fortunately, there are many diagnostic utilities that can assist you. These tools can optimize and install applications, troubleshoot issues by providing you information related to the hardware devices and drivers, security status and a lot more. Everest was one such tool which was shut down in 2010. You can still download the discontinued versions but it offers no technical support. So, if you are looking for tools other than Everest, then we have got you covered. Here we have listed a few best Everest Alternatives that can shoot all your computer  troubles at ease.



SIW is a free windows based diagnostic utility that can help you troubleshoot your computer problems easily. It provides a detailed analysis of your computer such as which applications run at startup, memory modules, DDL files and much more. It can give you a peek inside your computer. Whether you are experiencing any issue or not, SIW can fix it all.



AIDA64 is launched by FinalWire, the same company that had acquired Everest. AIDA64 was launched as an Everest Alternatives. It is a complete PC and smartphone diagnostic tool. It can perform benchmarking and stability test for 64 bit operating system.



CPU-Z is a free Windows and Android based application that can organize all the information about your computer in a single window. The important features like CPU, RAM, motherboard, drivers and all other important hardware devices are listed.

Ishw Hardware Lister


Ishw(Hardware Lister) is another contender which can be used as an Everest Alternatives. It can provide a detailed information on the hardware components of the computer.  Reports like memory configuration, CPU speed, bus speed and a lot more can be viewed by this software.



HardInfo is a reporting, benchmarking and diagnostic tool. With this tool you can generate HTML reports for your computer. Several benchmarking tests like Blowfish, CryptoHash, Fibonacci, N-Queens can be run.



HWiNFO is a diagnostic tool that can give an in-depth report of all hardware components. It can monitor the status of all system components, generate reports, provide health report and alert the user about any issue.



Speccy is an Everest Alternatives which can give a complete detail of everything that is on your computer. It is an advanced system information tool available as an installer and a portable version. It can run a quick scan to give a detailed analysis of your computer.



HDDScan is a free utility for PC diagnostics. It can diagnose storage devices like USB, SSD Drive and RAID array. This software can also change parameters of hard disks like AAM, APM etc. It can reveal the hard disk temperature, perform regular health tests and even prevent data loss and backup before your computer crashes. It can erase data from storage device in linear mode and read data in linear and butterfly mode.

Everest has faded into oblivion, yet there are other tools which can fill the gap. These are worth looking into, if you are looking for a computer or a smartphone diagnostic utility.