Best epub readers for iPad 2017

epub readers 2017: More and more smartphones users are switching over to reading epubs on their devices rather than buying the printed handbook version of their favorite novels. There is no doubt that epub readers are top on iOS download charts. There is even Apple’s own iBooks app on their store along with an iBook store to buy your favorite books as digital media.

If you are looking to read epub on your iPad and want an app that offers great reading experience on a fixed budget, these top 5 epub reader apps for iPad should be on your list:

Neosoar Epub Reader

Neosoar Epub Reader for iPhone 7

By far, the best epub reader app available across the internet is the Neosoar app. The reading experience has drastically improved over the past few months. You can integrate the epub books on your device with a cloud account and you can access them on other devices as well. The app offers a comfortable experience for you to enjoy your book reading time. You can easily customize the font, different available backgrounds, adjustable low lighting condition, and also offers you an inbuilt dictionary inside the app to use.


iBooks for iPhone 7

Apple’s very own response to Amazon’s kindle was the iBooks. The app was launched two years ago by Apple to rival the popularity of the kindle across the globe. The users are rating the app very highly as it provides them with a complete experience for you to enjoy your reading. Besides, the iBooks store also offers a wide array of books for you to buy and read. All you downloaded books would be automatically synced to all your iOS devices via the iCloud.


Nook for iPhone 7

One of the best third party epub reader apps available for iOS is the Barnes and Noble’s ebook reader Nook. The app follows the very same strategy as Amazon’s kindle. You can buy any of your favorite books from their website and can access them on any of your iOS devices via your account. However, due to a complicated interface, most users have faced difficulty in using the app and are not as happier as they were with the iBooks epub reader app. Also, the books on their website tend to be slight costlier also.


Kobo for iPhone 7

Another of the most popular epub reader on iPad is the Kobo ebook reader app. The app has epub reader integration. One of the interesting features of the app is its Social Integration feature. It allows you to see what the rest of your friends are currently reading on the app, their reviews on certain books and the time they took to complete a book besides other interesting things.

Gerty and Marvin

Gerty and Marvin for Iphone 7

Probably, the best epub reader app for iOS devices which you might not have heard for yet. Costly a partly 3.99$, the app would provide you with a rich reading experience and a number of interesting features such as slide-to-dim feature, progress tracking. Currently, you are only able to read epubs on this app only while we are expecting support for other forms on the app as well.