Best iPhone 7 English Learning Apps 2017

iPhone 7 English Learning Apps: English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. For many foreign-born people, English is usually the most language they use to interact with people from different parts of the world. In a way, it acts a barrier broker between people belonging to two different communities. Keeping a good command over the English language is becoming an important part of life today.

For better job opportunities and improvement in life, people are trying to learn the language as they think it might be useful for them for a better future. Today, we provide you with top 5 English Learning Apps available for your iPhone or other iOS devices:

Hello-Hello English

Hello-Hello English for iPhone 7

Developed by the American Council for the teaching of Foreign Languages, this app creates a special environment, called Mobile Immersion, which helps to guide the user’s visual aid to learning the English language profoundly. The app is integrated with 30 different conversational lessons which are based on real life situations to help users understand English usage effectively.

SpeakingPal English Tutor

SpeakingPal English Tutor app for iPhone 7

This interactive app uses your iPhone’s speech recognition ability to provide the users with instant feedback regarding how their fluency and other details regarding spoken English is presently heading to. The app is available on the iOS App Store for free and has 5-minutes mini-lessons, interactive exercises, dialogs and other language activities to help you improve your command over the English language.

Conversation English

Conversation English app for iphone 7

This is one of the best iOS Apps available for those people who want to get a hold over conversational English language. This free app contains over 20 different lessons, each along with a video dialect, listening and reading the conversation, sentence completion, and vocabulary based exercises. Users can also learn a number of popular idioms by following the storyline of few friends and their relationships.


Busuu app for iphone for iPhone 7

This iOS App contains a comprehensive vocabulary dictionary of over 3,000 words and expressions to form the base of your English learning experience. The app also covers over 150 different topics ranging from day-to-day real life situations. A common app for both beginner as well as advanced students, the app along with its dialogue and interactive tests allows the users to expand their English vocabulary. The app comes with 20 different free English learning courses with more available to purchase from inside the app or from the developer’s website.


voxy app for iphone 7

Suited for both beginner as well as advanced learners, Voxy provides it users with personalized lessons. The lessons adapt according to the users present English learning ability and allows him ample of time to cover up the language and learn the language at his own pace. The app features skill-based lessons and also allows the students to take private English lessons from a certified tutor to improve their command over the English language. The app is available for free on the iOS App Store and comes with a number of inbuilt tests to check on the student’s progress throughout the course duration.