Best Encryption Software 2017

Top Encryption Software: In the today’s internet age, the protection is utmost necessary. The World has seen a wide number of internet thefts in the past that shook the cyberspace. To avoid your sensitive data to come in the wrong hands, encryption software is necessary for almost every organization and individual. To secure your personal and confidential information we have listed some of the best encryption software of 2017.

Encryption has come into limelight and has become the concern related to the general public as well. As people from across the globe make the financial transactions online, the need for high-level security is increasing. Let’s explore the list of best encryption software that can resolve all your worries.



The main advantage of using LastPass is that with the help of LastPass you do not need to remember all the passwords for different online accounts. You need to remember the only LastPass password and the application will save all other passwords for you. It helps you manage difficult passwords that you set for different online accounts.

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It is a tool that helps to encrypt hard drives so that all your sensitive information remains protected, in the event of an attack. It is given by Microsoft and has been in use for a long time in Microsoft-powered devices. It makes it impossible for someone to steal your data by using your laptop.

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It is used to efficiently erase the data from your drive.Sometimes it may happen that you want to give your hard drive to someone else and you have to erase some sensitive information from it. Eraser is a handy tool to solve this purpose.

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AES Crypt


File encryption has been a major challenge over the years. With a lot of file hacking tools available, the encryption tools have to stand out. AES Crypt is an open source file encryption tool available online. You can easily encrypt your files using this tool. AES Crypt code can be used by developers to build their own encryption tools.

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It is a tool that is used for Steganography. It helps to hide the data inside other files effectively. The data can be easily encrypted in an image file using this tool. As a user, you can easily evaluate the changes that have been made to the host file. You can easily identify that the original message has been changed and there is a theft.

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People generally ignore encryption and its importance early on in any project. If you have any project that uses vulnerable information on any medium, be it a hard drive or the internet you should use an encryption tool to prevent hackers around the world from playing and using the information for all sorts of bad activities.