10 Best Free Email Marketing Software 2017

Top Quality Email Marketing Software for 2017: The advanced communication methodologies we work with today has made the world a miniature ball in size. Unlike the olden days when we were highly dependent on manual systems for communicating with each, communication happens in a jiffy today. E-Mail Marketing, in particular, goes a long way in increasing business volumes while at the same time reducing operational cost. E-Mail Marketing Software is available to do this job in a professional manner. Let us look at the Best E-Mail Marketing Software in 2017.

Some of our favorite Email Marketing blogs to follow are Copyblogger , Hubspot and Kissmetrics

The ten best Email Marketing software are:

1. Moon Mailmoonmail

Moon Mail is considered as one of the best e-mail marketing software predominantly because of the unbelievable speed with which it allows you to reach your campaign to your customers. The application has been designed in such a simple way that even a small child can learn operating the same within seconds.

Download Moon Mail

2. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor helps the users to create personalized emails for each customer through the drag and drop features inbuilt in the same. The list management feature incorporated in this software allows users to create different kinds of lists based on their choice for varied kinds of campaigns.

Download Campaign Monitor 

3. G-Lock Easy Mail 7

G-Lock Easy Mail 7 enables the users to send their emails with the help of third-party service providers. It provides high levels of security to the users exploiting the modern technological advancements in a perfect manner. It allows users to build mind-boggling e-mail campaigns of their choice.

Download G-Lock Easy Mail 7

4. Moosend

Moosend is considered a good e-mail marketing software for the built in e-mail editor which is highly responsive. Moosend allows customization of e-mails using personalizing tools that are easy to handle. It allows the users to run multiple e-mail marketing campaigns at the same time.

Download Moosend

5. Intercom

Intercom is more of a platform to communicate with customers worldwide in an organized manner than just an e-mail marketing software.

Download Intercom

6. RedCappi E-Mail Marketing

RedCappi E-Mail Marketing allows the creation of e-mail campaigns and newsletters in a professional manner within a short period of time every time.

Download RedCappi E-Mail Marketing 

7. If No Reply

If No Reply is an e-mail marketing software automates the e-mail and allows users to operate through their Gmail id. It supports API Drip Campaigns which is to be conducted specifically for the new users who wants to participate in the same.

Download If No Reply

8. Smart Mailer

Smart Mailer is highly useful e-mail marketing software for small and medium business types. This application also supports promoting digital marketing agencies specifically.

Download Smart Mailer

9. MailBrainiers

MailBrainiers cannot be considered just as another e-mail marketing software but a complete consultancy solution for you to touch base with your customers.

Download MailBrainiers

10. Mailigen.com

Mailigen.com is a complete package of marketing solutions. It helps users to market their products and services through mobile, e-mail and social media increasing the reach levels.

Download Mailigen.com

E-Mail Marketing Software has benefitted the business world the maximum by helping them face the high levels of competition to win newer business opportunities.