Best Educational Apps for iPhone 7 2017

Educational Apps for iPhone 7: Educational apps are one of the biggest categories where first and third party developers tend to focus on while building newer apps. Although the content of the app varies according to the age group of people it is targeted to, it can be said that the app fulfills its promise of delivering content to its targeted users.

Whether the audience is from elementary school, high school or college going, these apps help to expand the users learning capacity. Here are the top Educational apps available for iPhone on the App Store:


Wikipedia app for iPhone 7

Each one of us might have used the Wikipedia website to search for content on the web. The app provides a similar database to the iOS users with over 32 million articles offered in more than 280 different languages. Besides providing you with a vast array of information, this free app allows you to quickly share the web articles to your friends and peer using the social media integration.


Coursera app for iPhone 7

It is one of the largest websites which allow you to complete free or paid courses from some of the top professors and universities of the world. Available for free on the iOS Play Store, Coursera includes over 200 different high-quality courses from 20 different fields. These courses are specially designed from the top universities across the globe to help expand a student’s knowledge base. Users can enroll in these courses, download lectures and complete the assignments to earn a course completion degree from the university.


Ted for iPhone 7

TED is a unique organization in many aspects. Instead of forcefully making you gulp down things you can’t understand, TED Talks provide you with a way to hear intriguing presentations and revolutionary idea from most of the upcoming entrepreneurs, tech geniuses, business guru and other similar minded people. These people provide others with an insight into their mind on how they developed the brilliant idea to make something successful. This free app allows you to view their entire Talks library of over 1700 videos to watch over and over again.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy app for iPhone 7

For some people, Education can be really expensive to pursue in life. Fortunately, this is where the Khan Academy is of uttermost help and importance. With a collection of over 4000 downloadable videos, this free app provides you with a platform to continue learning more about things around the world including many topics such as earth and science, math, computers, history and more. You can even track your progress and unlock achievements as you continue completing your course.

iTunes U

itunes-u for iPhone 7

Apple brings you its own largest free educational content catalog with the help of the iTunes U App. Available on iTunes for free download, this app contains information and guidelines from the biggest universities of the world including Stanford and Yale to teach the user assorted courses.  This app allows provides you with a variety of course related notes to enhance your learning experience and share it with among your family and friends.