Best EMail clients for MAC 2017

macOS sierra Email Client Apps to use in 2017, No time in history has communication been made so easy like what we have today. Messages can be sent and received instantly without any barriers characteristic of the traditional mail system. Because it is not limited by distance nor too costly to use, owing and using an email has greatly promoted business and friendship around the world and thus help to make the world a global village.




Developed by Mozilla Foundation, Thunderbird has numerous features that have endeared it to its users. Not only thus it links major social media like twitter and Facebook, it also classifies audios, images, and attachments and thus presents a clean connection which is ready to accept user’s inputs.

Thunderbird also makes it easy to follow message threads because it categorizes all emails by tracking their metadata to form groups.

Download Thunderbird for Mac




Postbox is one app that has several interacting tools. This has highly increased its efficiency. It has a ‘Quick Bar’ that employs keyboard short-cut to speedily add any type of material to a message. The user-configurable word counter, along with its stopwatch, allows users to know when a message has exceeded its intended length. It is a very useful device for users who have to send large numbers of messages such as those in the product services or customer care. This is because templates or pre-written messages can be prepared and used when needed to save time. Other features include quick folder switch, cloud file sharing and a smarter content sidebar.

Download PostBox for Mac




Inky is a client that is known for its simplicity and a secure, end-to-end encrypted and digitally signed emails (Inky, 2016). With a powerful search facility, it saves user’s time while its customized inbox keeps their work in a good order.

Download Inky for Mac




User of Airmail can switch between accounts and also respond to messages quickly. It comes with a unique feature that allows it to automatically cache data which lets the app open and execute its functions rapidly. By using tags, it can group emails, thereby allowing users to sort their emails. Navigation is easy because of the keyboard shortcuts. Users can customize these features to suit their tastes. They can also change how the folders work or how conversations are set-out.

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It has an innovative way of sorting emails. By arranging them by a person rather than by message, Unibox has made it very simple to track both old and new messages. The menu icons have been modified for the dark mode. It has the ability to jump from an attachment to its message via the content menu (Unibox, 2016). It comes with new languages such as Finnish, Danish etc.

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With Polymail, users need not worry whether their messages had been delivered. This is because they get notified when the recipient has viewed the emails.

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