Best Duplicate File Finders for MAC 2017

macOS sierra Duplicate File Finders: In this era of technology we perform the tasks of our jobs on computer, laptops with operating system such as windows, mac etc. Especially using the mac, we usually store many files in our computer, hard disk or any other storage device, so many times  without our information, those files create their duplicate files in the same storage device. Those duplicate files contain more space and make the memory of computer busy.

So, here a need occurs for “Duplicate file finders”

What are the Duplicate file finders and its needs

File finder is a tool which helps you to find the duplicate files and delete those files. Here you will get the information about the Best duplicate file finders for mac 2017, by which you will find the duplicate files and then you will be able to delete them.

5 Best duplicate file finders:



Maclean is one of the best file finders. This tool provides a quick service to the users which is known as “quickly find duplicate files”, by this, the user can quickly find the duplicate files and remove them very easily. It has few features such as:

  • It supports Mac OS X from 10.7 to 10.10+.
  • User can use the way of drag and drop the folders to scan

Easy to locate and remove the duplicate files.

Download MacClean for Mac



Gemini is easy to use tool to find the duplicate files and to remove. It is very fast and reliable tool for this purpose. It is a professional and useful tool for finding and deleting the duplicate files running on your mac.

Few features of Gemini duplicate file finder:

  • It provides a preview of duplicate files before the removing task.
  • Supports almost 10 languages.
  • It is not a free tool and its cost is around $19.5.

New version Gemini-2 requires Mac OS X 10.10+

Download Gemini for Mac

DupeGuru for Mac 


This is one of the best and smart software to find the files and to remove them from your mac. It performs same as macclean or Gemini but is well known for accuracy and finely detection of duplicate files. It has few features as follow:

  • It supports mac and windows both.
  • It helps you to find the files and to arrange them correctly.

The interface is not much better than macclean and Gemini but it is still better in its job.

Download DupeGuru for Mac

Cisdem DuplicateFinder 3 


Cisdem duplicate finder 3 is highly fast tool for finding the duplicate files and removing them to free up your mac. It is easy to use and provides a time-saving process to the user. You can scan your internal, external memory including iPhoto/iTunes to find and remove the duplicate files.

  • The user can add one or more than one folders to scan.
  • It can classify the duplicate files in various categories.
  • The user is able to move files into the trash.

Download Cisdem DuplicateFinder 3 for Mac



It is one of the smarts tools for finding the duplicate files and to remove them from your mac. It is specially designed for mac and good in optimization with a user-friendly interface.

  • It prevents any unwanted access with finding and removing files task.
  • It also protects your files and manages them.
  • Provide a rapid speed to perform these tasks.

Download Mackeeper for Mac