Best Dropbox Alternatives 2017

Dropbox is a file hosting service which uses freemium business model. It is an online backup service which allows users to create a special folder on computer that synchronizes with Dropbox. The user can drop the file in the special folder and it will be synchronized automatically with Dropbox folder. This folder can be then viewed on any device. Dropbox consists of cloud based services to manage and identify users. It offers a free account to user with 2GB storage. Dropbox users have limited free storage and privacy concerns. So, the users may look for some reliable Dropbox alternatives as shown in list below:

Sync is principal Dropbox alternatives works on freemium model with 100percent private cloud promise. The ease of use and zero knowledge encryption has made it a most popular choice recently. The service allows automatic backup and synchronization of files with ease of accessibility and security from any device whether desktop or mobile and Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android. It offers starter pack of 5GB storage which never expires. Other packs start from 500GB at 49USD per year.


pCloud is an online backup service which works on freemium model. The application is available for web, PC and smartphone users. The application is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. pCloud has claimed that system is highly secured cloud and can not be hacked. The service provides easy access to view, edit, upload, download and sharing of files. The starting subscription pack is free for forever with 20GB storage. The premium plans start from 47.88USD/year with 500GB storage.


Box is a file sharing and content management service which uses freemium business model. The users can control sharing, editing of their content and can also invite others to view or edit files in real-time from anywhere. It also ensures high confidentiality to user files. Box is an efficient Dropbox alternatives which allows companies to centralize their content and offer more efficiency, pace and effortlessness. The personal plans are free and offer 10GB storage. The paid subscription starts from 11.50USD/month with 100GB storage.


SpiderOak claims “zero-knowledge”, and has offered Semaphor which helps to secure files, private messaging, team conversations and confidential information by generating secure recovery key. Mobile applications are available for iOS and Android devices. It offers a trial period of 21days with 250GB storage and paid plans start from 59USD/year with 100GB storage.


Tresorit is a strong Dropbox alternatives. The cloud service software is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Linux. Tresorit also synchronizes and secure files to avoid data breaches. The service applies AES-256 client side encryption to files. Tresorit does not possess the authentication data of end user. The secured data can neither leak from servers nor conveyed to Governments. It offers a free 14day trial with later subscription starting from 12.50USD/month with 100GB storage.

Competition is increasing in market day by day. The companies design plans with high dedication for success, such information is confidential and valuable for company. Information, may be personal or business, and has to be secured. There cannot be one service that can fit all. So a thorough study of available Dropbox alternatives should be done, to utilize the chosen in the most efficient way.