Best Double Boilers 2017

Double boilers are one of the great inventions that we have for kitchen use, these double boilers help you cook food indirectly, by not allowing them to be heated directly in a vessel. Double boilers consist of two vessels, one in another. Water is poured in the lower vessel and food in the upper one. The food gets heat from the water in the lower vessel which is in direct contact with the gas stove. This is ideal for cooking steamed food, custard, etc. But this type of cooking takes lot of time, as well as gas.

How to Choose the Best Double Boiler
Selecting a double boiler is convenient if you are sure about the preferred size of the boiler. Double boilers are available in different sizes and capacities, select one the basis of your preferred size. Apart from the size of the boiler, make sure it can be cleaned easily, and has a wooden handle, which does not get too hot to hold. A lot of the time double boilers come with metal handles, which makes them too hot to hold, avoid these kinds of boilers. You can also make a selection of the color of the vessel, along with the number of vessels you need. Apart from a double boiler, you can also choose a triple boiler.

Selecting kitchen appliances or vessels always need to be decided on the basis of their make, quality and quantity. After you are clear with these, look for something that fits your budget.